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These allegations do not surprise me one tiny bit. I've met many, many homeowners who have applied for a home mortgage modification but have never met one who received a home loan modification. Whether the reason is greed, dishonesty, or something more complicated is not important to me. The ques...
How Does the MLS Work? MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. There are hundreds of them across the country (and in many other countries as well). Every seller knows that they need to get their house listed on this to sell it; every home-buyer knows that if they can see what's on MLS, they will...
Columbus Park & the Old Northeast Saw a wonderful home in the Old Northseast this evening. It's a wonderful brick two story with wide plank floors, exposed brick and a sleek open kitchen. The home owner, a master plumber, made the remodel his project and I have to tell you, the plumbing work in t...
The 3 most important people in your home purchase or sale are your real estate agent, the lender servicing the buyer, and the closer at the title company. Your agent will help you find local lenders with a good reputation for having the documents and funding ready in a timely manner. Your agent, ...
 90% of home-buyers today begin gathering information on the internet well before they are even ready to look at a house or condo in real life (IRL). I've seen buyers actually build elaborate Excel programs to help organize the information they gather.  Then, when they're ready to start looking i...
This is a collection of stories and parables. Some stories are just for entertainment while others may contain lessons.   Nothing But A Big Red Truck Do You Know Jack? Maria Elena and the VW  Plastic or Glass (not what you think)  Fear of Realtors   If you were looking for frequently asked real e...
There are 313 homes scheduled to be Open this Sunday. 5 May 2013 You can see them all here. Just click 'Open Houses' and select the area, price range, or other criteria you want For your convenience, I've put the ones within a 3 mile radius of 63rd Street & State Line Road into a group. OPEN HOUS...
The Brookside Art Annual was postponed due to the snow. It will resume as scheduled tomorrow.   Yes, we had snow in Kansas City last night! - On May 2nd! lol Gotta' love the weather in KC! Start off the week with 80 degrees and sunshine; finish in the 30's with snow.  The Brookside Art Annual Fai...
Yes, Mr. Buyer, I CAN show you that house - I can show you any house for sale. No, I am not the Agent for that HOUSE. Agents do not represent Houses; Agents represent People.   We represent our clients. If our CLIENT engages us to represent them in Selling their home, we are the Seller's Agent (a...
People often ask when is the best time to sell their home. When asking this question, they mean winter, spring, summer, or fall. While there are a higher number of people looking at homes for sale during certain times of the year, a home can be sold in any season.  The most important thing to rem...

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