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Informing you on the Real Estate Market in Spring Texas and the surrounding areas and other interesting tid bits!
With our Nation (especially our capital) pretty much socked in with yucky weather I thought a little hot chocolate was in order. We are also having a YUCK winter here in Spring-Houston, (you just have to love this global warming). We moved here in 1996 and I Have NEVER seen a winter like this on...
4 Facts you Need to know about Stroke Prevention 80% of stroke victims had no apparent warning signs. Ultrasound screening can help you avoid a stroke. Stroke is a leading cause of death and permaent disability. Screening are fast, painless, affordable and convenient. Lifeline Screening is coming...
This morning I went to a training that Charter Title offered on the new RESPA rules and how they are going to affect our Spring-Tomball buyers and sellers.  Chuck Jacobus SVP of Charter Title and a real estate attorney with law offices in Bellaire was the guest speaker. RESPA came in to affect in...
Our daughter took this picture while she was on vacation in Vienna.  I know what the white object is; only because she told me. Now it is your turn; name that picture!  Maybe you will be more successful than I was.. Subcribe in a reader Copyright © 2010 Marchel Peterson, All Rights Reserved. *Sp...
This is the second time that I have written a post about litter in Spring TX and I still don't get it .  We had a heavy rain overnight and as I was driving down Hufsmith-Kuykendahl this morning the ditches were full of water.  These are big ditches so when I mean full I mean full.  I was almost o...
Several weeks ago I wrote a post called Cold facts on plant survival for Spring TX plants!!  At the time we were preparing for some Arctic air and were looking at having several days in a row in the 20's.  In this particular case the weather man got it right.  At that time I read an article in th...
On our daughter's Flickr site she called this Dead and Living.  I am calling it New Beginnings!  Years ago I remember a radio commentator saying we have two seasons in Houston; summer and January.  I for one am ready for January to be over with and the new spring beginnings to start.   Copyright...
This last September we took a vacation to Rhode Island and on the way spent a day in Boston. What an exciting day that was! I love history and Boston is full of history! I loved walking along the Freedom Trail and seeing where it all began!  Today with Massachusetts again making a bit of a revolt...
Our area of Spring TX has had a problem in the last few years of lost cats. I myself knew of 8 that had disappeared in just a few months.  We don't know for sure why they disappeared but we think it could have been coyotes.  Our subdivision has always been out by itself but the city is moving clo...
One of the many things I love about Spring TX is how close we are to Lake Conroe.  We keep our sailboat out at Lake Conroe and I took this picture yesterday when we were out there. Copyright © 2010 Marchel Peterson, All Rights Reserved. *Wordless Wednesday - Reflections on Lake Conroe!!*

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Informing you on the Real Estate Market in Spring Texas and the surrounding areas and other interesting tid bits!

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