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Content shared here is for Real Estate and Financial Services professionals. Typically information will pertain to services that will benefit them personally and their clients. Comments are welcome and appreciated.
Start your day off with a blast. Join Ced as he encourages you to get going today for the rest of the week. There's nothing like starting your week off strong and ending strong. Perhaps you had a tough last few weeks or months. Get ready for your Monday dose of inspiration that will help you make...
Have you ever been speaking with someone and you just couldn't wait to ask them the big question? You know, the big question that makes you want to interrupt the conversation. It's the question that you just have to have answered or you will burst at the seams. Isn't it awesome how people who are...
Small Biz Prayer Network Monday Morning with Pastor Cedric 2/9/09 Listen in as Pastor Ced talks about leadership in our era and how we should be flexible. Find out how you have been leading. If you need prayer, we want to pray with you for God's best in these uncertain times. Have a great day, Ced
Just sitting here wondering how much leadership has changed in our era. With the internet and the ability to call all over the world for literally nothing, is it necessary for leaders to be present with those they lead? Years ago it wouldn't be thought of to have a leader lead without being with ...
Monday morning with Pastor Cedric Feb 2, 2009 1. Your knowledge about severance packages may not be up to par. Having a Prepaid legal firm on retainer is not a luxury. 2. In tough times, collectors try to intimidate you by using scare tactics with people who don't know their legal rights. Having ...
Monday morning with Pastor Cedric Feb 2, 2009 The thing that separates the successful from the wannabes is courage. Can you honestly say that you have the courage to live the life you have dreamed about? It's not easy by the way. Courage will cause you to confront yourself when you don't want to....
Some of us say, "what's the use in trying to recover my money?" The truth is you may not be able to get your money back on your own when shopping online. When you're talking about $5 -$10 for an offer, what's the use in trying anyway.  When it comes to Real Estate we don't hesitate to try to get ...
The topic of "succeeding in down times" is tough to write about because it may come across cocky and self serving.  Let me set the stage.  First of all not every industry is having a tough time because of the economy.  I would think that would be understood.  Granted there are industries that are...
Recruiting is not at the top of the list for a lot of businesses these days. A lot of companies are laying off by the thousands. So why should we recruit in this down economy? Here's 9 reasons why: 1. New recruits bring new contacts with them 2. New recruits come with new energy and excitement 3....
All sorts of stuff on the internet. Freebies are taking center stage and you can actually make money in various different ways acquiring freebies for yourself and your friends. I've become a freebie trader and I started making money my very first day. The amazing thing is that I was able to get s...

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