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Santa Monica Home & Condo Sale Info by Kim & Kristine
Last year I was craving turkey with gravy.  This year I can't wait to eat the pie.  We are getting an apple crumb pie from one of our local bakers.  It's just like grandma used to make fresh and from scratch!  It will be hot with scoops of ice cream and real whipped cream with sprinkled cinnamon ...
What's true in Manhattan is true in Santa Monica, CA.  We have a LOT of all cash buyers.  They buy and pay good money only if the sale of your home has a strategy.  Make sure you don't just list your home.  Have a plan and work it with your Realtor.  You won't leave any money on the table.  Here ...
  Most of us have some kind of box we live in, our home, bedroom, car, whatever.  That's our physical box.  Lately, I have been noticing the mental box we live in without even acknowledging it.  There have been several phone calls each day with agents or vendors that are too comfy in their boxes...
Halloween Costume Ideas In Santa Monica, CA.  I have been invited to a Masquerade Ball this Saturday for Halloween.  I'm madly dashing around town and online looking for that perfect costume.  Maybe you are looking for costumes at the last minute as well?  I found a few cool places here in town a...
This picture is from a recent trip to Victoria B.C.  It's from the dock at the Butchart Gardens.  The property was once used as a private residence.  At the back of the property is this dock.  It's serene, simple and picturesque.  If you haven't been I would highly recommend going.  There are 55 ...
Whale Watching In Santa Monica, CA.  This video was take by a local person kayaking.  He was in the Santa Monica Bay and found a few Blue Whales.  He videos the Whales coming up for air and swimming under water.  The whales eyes and movements are tranquil looking.  It's so beautiful I want to kay...
Pumpkin Carving in Santa Monica, CA is a fun way to spend this week preparing for Halloween night.  There is a cute Pumpkin Patch in Santa Monica to pick out your pumpkin.  I did an article about it: Pumpkin Patch In Santa Monica, CA. Now that you have your pumpkin....what are you going to do wit...
Pumpkin Patch In Santa Monica just arrived this past weekend.  I went yesterday and took some pics. They have a bouncy castle... And a petting zoo...baaaaa!! It's in a kind of weird location....corner of 23rd St and Wilshire.  But, it's so simple and cute.  That it works!  It's the opposite corne...
What would we do with a Sunday off?  We would swim and lay out in the sun.  Since we live near the beach it would be easy to do.  Except for being Realtors it doesn't happen to often.  Kim is showing property to her clients today and I am writing offers.  I'm not complaining.  We love real estat...
Hi!  This is a good reminder for agents and clients when taking pictures for the MLS.  I just looked at a condo on the MLS in Santa Monica.  It was listed for over $600k from an out of area agent.  The pictures were blurry and the angles used were odd.  It's very poor represenation for our client...

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Author Bio: Kim & Kristine Halverson are Realtors in Santa Monica at Compass. Kim & Kristine are sisters, and have over 37 years combined experience serving buyers and sellers in real estate.