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Even I know that cutting holes in pre-engineered floor joists is not ideal.  They were designed and made from laminated materials to work together to provide strength and support.  When you take away one or more elements/materials, it only weakens the whole beam. This is just another example of w...
Earlier this afternoon, I felt my first earthquake!  I was sitting in my house working away on my laptop and the house started to vibrate, then shake back and forth!  As I live fairly close to Dulles International Airport, I thought a 757 may be crash landing on my house, lol.  And as quick as it...
"I want a great DEAL..."What does this really mean to a home buyer in today's real estate market?  Today I had a prospective home buyer contact me about seeing a home.  Unfortunately that particular foreclosure had already received an offer.  In an effort to help this buyer, I asked her in what p...
I was wondering when this was going to happen... I guess it was only a matter of time considering how greedy the big US Banks have become.  I'm hoping this will blow up in BoA's face.  Bank of America has been blowing smoke for months, if not years about how they are revamping their short sale pr...
$8,000 Tax Credit Update - Arlington, VA The $8,000 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit was propsed to be extended to November of 2010 for active military personnel, intelligence officers and foreign service.  The House of Representatives voted unanimously in favor of this.  The bill, HR 3590 is als...
CASH IS KING in the first time home buyer price ranges! Arlington, Virginia (and really, most of Northern Virginia) have long been one of the country's most unafordable areas to purchase housing.  Residents who wished to live in areas like Arlington or Alexandria/Old Town have had to previously r...
  A friend's blog post inspired me to write this, I've been thinking a lot about it lately.   What's the deal with ALL THESE BUYERS?!   I'm getting lots of people coming through my website or emailing/IMing me directly lately.  They are serious home buyers with money to spend in Arlington and Ale...
Pricing Your Home to SELL!   The key to selling a home in today's real estate market is PRICE!  Price is king and buyers in this real estate market are often comparing all types of potential properties from foreclosures and short sales to traditional sales when they analyze their options.  So, w...
Arlington area Short Sales are Good Deals for All! I really enjoy working with sellers owe more than there home is worth.  In other words, short sales.  Let me clarify... I know there are lots of people out there in Arlington and the surrounding areas that need to sell their homes and they owe mo...
We are getting closer and closer to the drop dead date on the Government's $8,000 tax credit for first time home buyers!  Only 81 days left to find, buy and settle on a home to qualify for the free cash!  Buyers are starting to scramble to try to find a home to make the December 1, 2009 deadline....

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