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Real Estate Agent - Integrity Real Estate Services 118 SE AVE N, Idabel, OK 74745 - 141871
Life in Southeast Oklahoma - The people, the places, events, ideas...we're a unique place. Let's talk about this great area that we live in. I love where I live, so let me share it with you.
Office Space, Retail Space, Professional Space Available Idabel OK Avenue N Business CenterAvenue N Business Center in Idabel OK is the place to be for your business. Avenue N Business Center is comprised of Suites 104, 108, 112, 114, 118, 120, 122, & 209 SE Avenue N, Idabel, OK. 74745. The Suite...
You Say Tomato... I Say Tomahto...We can play nice in the sandbox with others that don't quite do things the way that we do.  Who's to say which way is right when both ways are working. I do not want to work 24/7... my family does not want me too... my clients do not want me to... so what makes a...
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 For some reason, this morning, my mind went to a listing I had a few years ago.   I recall that as I was finishing up the last of the paperwork and photos for a particular listing in McCurtain County, the sellers asked a question that immediately threw up a "red flag"... The sellers had hit a fi...
  Startling someone from a deep sleep can get you into serious trouble. The worst thing about eating hot Mexican food is having to blow your nose due to the peppers.  Exercising is easy, it's the next day soreness that's rough. It is true that doing housework makes one ugly.  If wearing white sla...
 If Gulch is a Bigger Gully...  Is Mulch a Bigger Pile of Mully?  Location Lingo:  The Lingo of Your Area Will Be Interesting to Your Buyer!  Location Lingo  Buyers that are relocating to your area may speak English very well.  Maybe not.  But that's not what this post is about. Sometimes, we, as...
 Brown Addition which is located just east of Idabel, Oklahoma is an ideal community to live in if you want to be near town and yet enjoy the feeling of living in the country.  Homes in the Brown Addition (which by the way is so named because the developer was J.L. Brown) are mostly Ranch Style h...
     Crape Myrtles are one of my favorite shrubs or trees.      How many times have you worked so hard to plant pretty flowers, shrubs, etc and then found out that they are not suited for your soil or you thought they were a perennial that would come back year after year and they were an annual t...
 FHA Mortgage ~ Buying a Home in McCurtain Conty or Choctaw County OK  So you thought you could qualify for a USDA Guaranteed Mortgage with 100% financing but your income is just over the limit.  You're not prepared to do a Conventional Mortgage with a 10% or 20% down payment plus closing costs.....
  HUD 184 Native American Loan Buy Home McCurtain Choctaw Counties OK  We have had more buyers this year that are pre-qualified and planning to buy through the HUD 184 Native American Loan than in previous years.   The Hud Native American Section 184 mortgage was specifically created to help Nati...

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