The 10 Best Cities for Meat Lovers in America We're raising the steaks and ranking the meatiest cities in the nation. The results are sizzling!   EMBED GALLERY   These days, it seems as though there are more food fads going around than ever before. Seriously, I’m starting to have trouble keeping ...
Fall colors? Nope. Fall weather? Not so much. Fall tradition? Nothing to write home about. Along the Gulf Coast, autumn follows summer without the fanfare of spectacular leaves and dramatic cold spells. Subtle changes begin with little more than a breath of fresh air in the morning and evening. T...
The property-appraisal process has been short-circuiting transactions, spurring some would-be home buyers to walk away. In hot markets where bidding wars are common, the property-appraisal process has been short-circuiting transactions, spurring some would-be buyers to walk away.   A few forces a...
  Movoto Releases Free First-Time Home Buyer’s Guide Don't let buying a home stress you out. Read Movoto's First-Time Home Buyer's Guide to learn exactly what you need to do when you finally find your dream home.   Buying a home for the first time can fill you with anxiety. After all, a home is p...
Housing Recovery A Return To 'Good Times' The housing recovery comes with an economic boost, more jobs and higher incomes, but it can also help create a higher level of "good times" in the neighborhood. Housing isn't just a cornerstone for the economy, it also plays a major role in weaving a tig...
  By Michael Franco Source: Many homes have fireplaces or propane stoves inside, but there’s nothing quite like enjoying a fire pit under the stars in your own backyard. On a cool night in the summer, you can cook up a feast of hot dogs in your fire pit, while in the chill...
Why Use A Mortgage Broker? Mortgage brokers, mortgage lenders, bank originators and credit unions all have a place in the housing marketplace. Together, they give mortgage consumers lots of room to shop around, not just for the best rates and terms, but also for the type of service that comes wi...
Never Ignore Product Recalls The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) was created in 1972 to regulate the sale and manufacture of more than 1,500 consumer products, most of them household products. The regulatory power stems from the need to keep products safe and prevent them from inj...
When I tell people I evaluate fictional real estate on a regular basis, their eyes usually light up as they ask me what some of their favorite fictional homes might be worth. More often than not, I can rattle off the price, or at least get pretty close, but there is one home that has eluded me. ...

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