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This is a blog for posting comments and asking questions related to the real estate industry in the Mid-South area.
This past weekend my husband and I spent an afternoon with our sons working in the yard, planting spring flowers.  I didn't expect my sons to want to participate, but was happily surprised when they all pitched in and actually seemed to enjoy it!  The best part was that I got to work alongside th...
The decision to purchase a home is exciting and a major investment for your future.  Because there is only so much of it to go around, real estate is the top choice for many investors and the desire for most families.  This article is designed to highlight some of the many benefits of home owners...
One of the most important factors to consider when buying a new home is affordability.  As a general rule, mortgage payments should not exceed 25-30 percent of your monthly take-home pay.  The best way to know what you can afford is to determine the possible payment range by comparing the price ...
 When it comes to buying a home, the ability and willingness to negotiate is a must for both the buyer and seller.  In general, sellers ask for more than they are actually willing to accept and buyers offer less than they are willing to pay.  The trick is to find the perfect balance so that you, ...
A few days ago, I posted some information on Lowe's Realtor program.  As part of what they offer agents, you also get an email newsletter sent to you with some really great and very relevant real estata articles via RIS Media.   I just received this one and wanted to share it as I thought it was ...
How to Start a New Garden Congratulations on your decision to start a new garden. Regardless of whether you are a novice or seasoned expert, you can enjoy the benefits of a garden with nothing more than a little knowledge, some seeds and the proper tools. Step # 1: Pick Your Plants Before you sta...
Believe it or not, your garage is not only made to house your automobiles.  In fact, you can use it for storage or even a work area for small household projects.  Whether you decide to keep tools, lawn care equipment or other accessories in the garage, organization is a must.  Maximize Your Work...
If you are interested in keeping up with the real estate market in the Memphis area, there is a fabulous website called that's sponsored by the Memphis Area Association of Realtors. It's for consumers who want to know what is available and how sales compare year over year.  Th...
Although I am REALTOR®, and therefore of course SOLD on the fact that a good agent can sell a home faster and for a higher price than the average homeowner, I also realize that for some people, selling a home themselves is something they at least want to try.  So for those homeowners wanting to ...
Sophie and Molly I have two of the most adorable little pups in the world.  Sophie and Molly, my Westies and my best little pals.  Of course, as a dog-lover and pet owner, I am always ready to show them off!  But as much as I love and adore them, I have to understand that other people probably j...

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