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When I am in Oklahoma City our day starts with gratitude, hydration, and our moments of solitude before our work day starts. Throw in a little exercise and we already feel productive. In Jupiter Florida at our second home it is a little different. We don't need the meditation as much as we need t...
Charlene and I are in Jupiter Florida at our second home and looking forward to eating at our favorite Italian restaurant in Jupiter, Casa Mia off Indiantown Road west of US 1. It is a neighborhood cafe place where when i get to go food I see the same folks at the bar all talking to each other ev...
When I advise investors who want to buy Oklahoma City real estate investment property I always ask a question, what is your exit strategy? I know that a few times I will get an answer but mostly it is what do you mean? What I mean is where do you want to end up, and what happens if you need to se...
Since 2004 Oklahoma City real estate investors have come from all over the world and up to 2006 good foreign national loans were available to residential real estate investors but that music stopped. After the meltdown even US citizens had a hard time getting mortgages but for foreign nationals i...
Historically when I compute return on investment for Oklahoma City real estate rental properties cash on cash, cap rate, and internal rate of return has been the three main metrics, but we have added another. I am asked by real estate investors what the annual appreciation would be and if you use...
 The Oklahoma City real estate market is always a steady as she goes type of a market that normally is balanced but this year we saw a strong increase in the number of homes for sale. This happened primarily in existing homes because we are way behind demand on new home starts. Overall inventory ...
I entered real estate in October 1989 after 16 years of owning retail electronic stores, so dealing with the public was nothing new to me. In fact I knew I was an entrepreneur at 7 since my older siblings would have me sell their candy for them to win school contest. Going door to door became sec...
One of the joys of living part time in Florida is that we get trees, flowers, and bushes we don't have in Oklahoma and of course, an ocean too. I love all the orchids, sea grapes, and palms everywhere, but on our last time in Florida I noticed this close to our condo. I have come around to orange...
Coming back from Tel Aviv turned out to be the worst part of the trip. We were delayed 3.5 hours out of Tel Aviv and 12 hours later on arriving in Newark I found out that my Oklahoma City flight was canceled. United did a great job of re-booking me but the flight out to Denver didn't start boardi...
When I visited Jerusalem with my real estate friend from Tel Aviv, Lior and I had to put on skirts to enter the Muslim area since we had shorts on. Before you think that this is just Islamic, when we went to the Church of the Sepulcher and went into a small area where Jesus was supposed to be bur...

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