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Radon-to test, or not to test?As I’m going over the areas of potential inspections with my buyers, I often come upon a blank look when I ask if they want a radon test. So I put on my school teacher hat and explain what radon is and should they be concerned about it in their home. Goes something l...
 Berger, Boh, Utz and Bay- Not A Law Firm! No, this isn’t the name of a law firm. These are longtime Baltimore favorite foods/drink. Baltimore has such a vast history, from the birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner, to having The Johns Hopkins Hospital and University, to John Waters to The 2012 ...
125 years of continuous mounted police in Baltimore-who knew?Baltimore has the oldest continuous mounted police on horseback than any other city in the country. Baltimore’s mounted police originated in 1888. Yowsa! As of today, there are only eight horses, but they go out into the city everyday. ...
Why is my house rejecting me? Have you heard about New House Syndrome? It's when no matter how perfect the house you sell is, within the first week or two, odd things happen. I believe the house is trying to scare the new owners away. But if the new owners just hang in there, the house ultimately...
  My Inspector Found a Federal Pacific Electric Panel. Now What?  I just had a home inspection and my inspector found a Federal Pacific Electric Panel. Should I be worried? Do we need to ask the sellers to replace it?     Federal Pacific Electric Panels were primarily used from the 1950's to the ...
Baltimore’s Best Quilt Show (EXPO 2013) is Coming March 16th and March 17th, 2013 to Goucher.       Baltimore Heritage Quilters Guild (BHQG) is having their biennial quilt show which will be held at Goucher College (1021 Dulaney Valley Rd, Towson). What makes this show so special is the enormous ...
  My inspector found knob and tube wiring. What does that mean?   Everything was going so well with the home inspection, until my inspector found knob and tube wiring. Is this finding a bad thing? What does it mean? What is it?     Knob and tube wiring was used primarily from the 1880’s thru the ...
  Should I Sell My Home in Baltimore, or Rent It? Should I sell my home in Baltimore, or rent it? That is a question I get a lot as a realtor. The answer is: it depends. Depends on if you need the money from the sale to purchase another home. Depends on if you want to be a property manager, and a...
Be Cautious When Using Craigslist for Rentals in Baltimore, Maryland You need to be cautious when using Craigslist for rentals in Baltimore, Maryland. The rental market is currently very competitive in Baltimore. Rental homes and apartments go quickly and with the increase of demand, that only dr...

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