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Our office is looking into a brand new product that utilizes QR Codes and none of us on the committee are really sure where to go with the idea. 1. Are you using QR Codes in your Real Estate practice? 2. How are you using them; flyers, business cards, yard signs, print advertising? 3. Are you act...
When visiting Atlanta this summer, a "must see" is the awesome Georgia Aquarium! On November 23, 2005, Georgia Aquarium officially opened its doors to the public. As the world’s largest aquarium, Georgia Aquarium features more animals than any other aquarium in more than eight million gallons of ...
Fulton County named one of the best places to live for music education.... Fulton County has been recognized for a 12th consecutive year as one of the best places to live for music education, thanks to the Fulton County School System's top quality music programs. Only two school systems in the na...
Honestly, when I am showing homes to prospective buyers and the first thing out of their mouth is "I don't like the color of that wall" I want to scream!  Of all things to find wrong with a potential home purchase; the color of ANY wall is not one of them. What about the placement of the wall, or...
As a Realtor specializing in the suburbs of North Atlanta, I constantly meet young people who want to move back home to Dunwoody, Georgia.  There is just something about the older homes, and the big lawns with plenty of shade trees that make most people feel welcome.  Dunwoody is a quiet and very...
I mean really; Open House Balloons?  Its bad enough that the entire Auto Dealership world uses them every day but Christmas.  Does anyone honestly believe that colored balloons hanging from anything grounded is going to bring in business?  Has any Psychologist conducted research in the last 5 yea...
Why would anyone want to retire in Atlanta?  I just read an article that listed the top five cities for comfortable retirement and they were all in the upper midwest! Let's see; cold weather, snow, high heating bills, extra clothing allowance for underwear and coats, snow tires..... and the list ...
Living in Atlanta during pollen seasonis no coughing matter!  The area is known for it's rolling terrain, Azaleas, Dogwoods, Ornamental Cherry, Wisteria and manicured lawns. Homes along some of those famed streets; Habersham, Tuxedo, W. Paces, Spalding and Ashford-Dunwoody are breathtaking durin...
I am the proud father of 2 Gen Y sons. Fortunately for me, they both have a lot of friends. These friends are now beginning to think about career, marriage, working, renting or buying; not necessarily in that order! Gen Y is defined loosely as an individual between 19 and 36 years old; and not to...
With first-time homebuyers; do not assume their "wish list" as I have recently done! I have two sons in their mid-twenties and both of them have friends now shopping for a home.  Since I have known many of them since they were in diapers, I take special precautions to make each of them feel like ...

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