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The Fed Gov has raised the incentives for banks, borrowers and seconds to streamline and speed up the SS process. Although, I am against Banks getting incentives, hopefully this will move the SS process along and give seconds more reason to stop holding up the process. Check out the spirited deba...
There's been alot of confusion out there regarding the credit implications for home owners that have faced foreclosure, facing foreclosure, short sales and deeds in lieu. Not only are there many sources of information regarding this subject (some are confusing) but these sources are constantly ch...
Here's a quick update from Mortgage Daily News regarding Home Modifications.
Realty Times published an update on the IRS guidelines for receiving the $8000 Tax Credit. In 2009, you could file electronically and get your refund (most of these were amended returns) but if filing in 2010, you must file a paper return. Slows the process down (they need to hang on to as much m...
Banks. I have often been critical of banks and their role in the housing crisis not to mention the economic disaster we find ourselves in. I understand there are some banks (local and community) that try to do the right thing but the overall banking industry itself trys to squeeze the very life (...
Finally, it seems like the "little guy" or the general population is being given a helping hand in the foreclosure/short sale dilema thousands are facing. On the federal level the HAFA (part of the HAMP) program is designed to streamline and simplify the short sale and deeds-in-lieu of foreclosur...
First Time Home Buyers First Time Home Buyer Classes Resume in Arvada, Colorado Free first time home buyer class this February 9th at the Arvada Public Library in Arvada, Colorado. First time home buyer classes are an excellent way to learn how to qualify for the first time home buyer tax credit,...
It seems like our FTHB's are fairly savvy when it comes to the use of the $8000 they receive from Uncle Sam. The mindset of spend/spend/spend might just have taken a backseat (hopefully this mindset is gone) to using assets in a more responsible way. We all know spending is what makes our world g...
News out today shows home prices continue to be weak. Although some markets showed slight improvement other markets hit new lows. Forecast is for more foreclosures/short sales continuing to drive down home prices. The bottom....sure. Fortunately, the Denver market continues to show slight improve...
 FHA Funding for Condos. The FHA now has 2 lists for condo approvals; 1-Those that have been approved prior to December 7th 2009 with the "old rules" and 2-Those that are considered approved because they were either approved after December 7th 2009 and/or were approved with the "new rules" alread...

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