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            It is common to think of a 1031 transaction as one involving land for land or buildings for buildings. However, this is a tragic oversimplification. 1031 transactions deal with "like-kind" property and  in most people's minds, "like-kind" means both pieces of property are alike, such ...
In matters of taxation, "form" consistently trumps "substance". In-fact, there is an entire industry of lawyers and specialists dedicated to the study and application of these forms. Like chemists or biologists they analyze the different ways they interact with stimuli (tax laws) and the forces ...
I recently discussed my new company, www.1031esgroup.com, with Daniel Odio of Drodio and Brian Martucci of Wachovia. Both of these guys are business owners, and were encouraging me that the life of an entrepeneur is challenging, but rewarding.  Prior to this venture, I had always had a salary and...
In a 1031 Like-Kind exchange you can exchange any real property for any other real property within the United States or its possessions if said properties are held for productive use in trade or business or for investment purposes. Examples of 1031 like-kind exchange property include apartments, ...
I just read a tremendous Blog by Guy Kawasaki on the Top 10 Ways to use LinkedIn, can my fellow Activerainers help me determine what are the top 10 ways to use AR? http://blog.guykawasaki.com/2007/01/ten_ways_to_use.htmlI'll start, here are some that come to mind:Search Profiles for common Educat...
http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp Prior to a few months ago I kept something to myself.  In my daily grind I always assess people's personality types and skill-sets and compare and contrast to others.  I know it seems rather OCD, but when you are as obsessed with reading biographies...
This may be a weird topic to be posted by a lawyer.  Most of you think of lawyers as "reactive" and not very proactive in their business development methods. However, I like to cold call.  Yes, sad but true. Several of you cringed reading those two words.   Here's the trick: think of how you met ...
When must the investor decide to complete an exchange?The decision to exchange must be made prior to closing of the relinquished property. The exchange agreement must be in place and delivered to all parties before the relinquished property transfer of title.Can the proceeds from the sale of the ...

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