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Blogging is right up my alley because I love to talk...about everything...Real Estate, Restaurants, My Kids, My Friends, My Travels. I often joke that I could talk to a wall.   After two weeks of blogging, my friends all have the same response to my blog, "I couldn't do's sooo much work...
Bon Appetit's special travel issue, "Where to Eat Now", arrived in my mailbox today, just in time for my trip across the Atlantic.  I am really tempted to just dive right in, but I am saving it for the plane ride, since I rarely sleep and I can share it with my "foodie" friend and travel companio...
It's April 9 and Day 1 of Project Blogger...As one of the apprentice bloggers competing in this contest, I thought I would chat a little today about what you can, and CAN'T, expect from me on my Blog.International Real Estate Issues: I am heading to Europe tomorrow to earn my Certified Internatio...
Deed restrictions in a local "adults only" community are being challenged in  Court in a Pinellas County case involving a couple who has their 3-year old granddaughter living with them.  This case tugs at the heartstrings of the community, as the child's mother is a drug addict and the grandparen...
Categories: Real Estate News, Tampa, South Tampa, Relocation, Buyers, SchoolsI could write the script...When families with children are relocating, the question is always the same...Where are the Top Schools? Hillsborough County, which contains Tampa and the surrounding communities, is the 8th la...
Feng-shui ("wind and water") involves the belief that man must live in harmony with the elements. It can be a very important part of the home buying process with Asian clients. The vital energy of the earth, chi, can be changed by topography and by human manipulation. A home's site, design, appea...
Recently, I had a client withdraw from a contract because a sexual predator lived in the neighborhood. Florida has a website, identifies the name, photo and address of sexual predators living in the state.  Though it is not required under Florid...
[googlevideo]3480801793637279377[/googlevideo]I have a client moving in from the frozen northeast. She is staying in temporary housing until her home sells and then she will buy a home in Tampa and move the rest of the family here.  It's too soon to look at specific houses, but the right time to ...
Hammered with high insurance costs and even higher property taxes, Floridians are fed up!  If you are a Floridian and want to petition to eliminate property taxes in the state by a Constitutional Amendment...this is the link to the petition...No More Property Taxes in Florida.The site also includ...
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