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Author of the Best Selling Book Diamond Farming, Gary D - Re/Max Hall Of Fame - explains the ins and outs of Probate Real Estate, sharing the information from his probate real estate system.
GREETINGS!  Many of our Active Rain Real Estate Agents have been following my blogs, taking my training and some have even joined us at eXp Realty over the years.    I'm thrilled to announce because of the eXp Rev Share Program I have semi-retired from everyday Sales and Listings and have turned ...
Greetings Active Rain Members!I will be holding an 8 am MASTERMIND this coming Monday, June 29th @8am (pst) to 8:30 am where I will explain my program I present to Estate Sellers called:  "FIX UP THE ESTATE HOME FOR TOP RETAIL"  This program I explain to the PR's how we will advance all the Money...
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  ATTENTION: MONDAY MAY 25TH 8 AM I WILL DO A ONLINE INTERVIEW WITH DERRICK RUIZ THE MASTER APARTMENT BROKER FROM SOCAL!  DON'T MISS THIS!  Agents!  Does having $30k to $100K paydays sound better than only chasing single-family homes $5K to $15K?  We love our biz but my...
Greetings, during this lockdown this could be a great time to learn our 30+ year Off Market Probate Home niche.   We are reaching out to vacant, off-market probate homes and doing cash offers so staying productive during this crazy time.   We have students across the USA, Canada, the UK, and Fran...
Greetings!  I hope you are all doing well with this lockdown, staying safe, and preparing for whatever Back to Normal will be.In this Blog I want to touch on how important it is to maximize your real estate business with all the potential there is out there to secure your Future.   Regardless of ...
Greetings! It has been a while since I posted a blog but here I am in lockdown with this Coronavirus Thing everywhere.  I'm safe and healthy but because I'm 69 the family won't let my wife (71) or I out of the house.  So we are doing our Spring Cleaning, dialing in the office and preparing for Li...
https://www.eventbrite.com/e/reniche-academy-for-todays-rea…R/E AGENTS! DEC 7TH THE REAL ESTATE NICHE ACADEMY LUNCH N LEARN IN SAN FRANCISCO NORTH BEACH.FREE EVENT!  11:30 am to 1:30 pm Lunch Provided (link above has more info and registration)Come and learn how to Jump Start your real estate sal...
Greetings Active Rain Peeps!    I will be starting my online live Off Market Probate Home Training Weds 11/20/19 at 9 am and again at 5 pm for Agents/Brokers who would like to learn this niche I have been doing for 30+ Years.   You need hands-on training not just a book and CD's or certificate to...
Greetings Active Rain members!   The Gary's are part of the REAL ESTATE NICHE ACADEMY which will be presenting different niches for Brokers/Agents to increase production.  I have placed the link below if you are in the SoCal area and wish to attend.  No Cost, Lunch Provided and you can come and l...
https://www.eventbrite.com/e/re-niche-academy-free-training-tickets-69767172491Greetings New York Real Estate Agents!Mark Sept 19th as a DON'T MISS MEETING as I will be in Queens, NY and doing an OFF MARKET PROBATE HOME & AGENT WEALTH Presentation.   Lunch is provided,  the event is FREE but you ...

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Over 25 years of successful probate real estate experience, a mastered proven system and coaching to share with the real estate community. Today you could learn something that makes you 6 figures of income. Gary D has the information for Probate Real Estate, Agents/Investors, I would take advantage of training like this. It's rare and only few have truly mastered the probate niche. Get what you need right now while Gary is sharing all the information with the community.