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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.
This time of year is generally a bit slower than it's been this week before Christmas. You'd think people would be off enjoying time with their families, wrapping presents, attending parties, but instead they are out looking at homes in Sacramento to buy. One set of buyers were boarding a plane w...
I wish I could say that no muscles are involved with riding ATVs on the Big Island, but that would be somebody else talking. Not me. Every bone in my body aches today. And it's not just because I attended a stretch class or spent a good amount of time on the rowing machine the other day at my new...
Alrighty, it goes without saying that Barbara Todaro  will be pleased to hear I finally joined a gym. Of worthy note, I am NOT eating boiled chicken. I still prefer my chicken grilled. But when faced with the facts of life, those facts that are not a TV show, it is easy to see why I finally came ...
Sometimes, I can get into trouble on an Agent Visual Inspection if I mention garage door opener. Buyers and their agents have thought that means a remote and they do not understand it is an opener attached to the ceiling of the garage. You have your garage door opener and your garage door remote....
When home sellers refuse to sign a counter offer, as a listing agent, what can you do? The sellers are your clients. Listing agents must maintain a fiduciary relationship with sellers. We must represent our clients to the fullest of our ability and always keep their best interests at the forefron...
Buying real estate is similar to having a baby. You tend to forget how painful it can be because the rewards are so great. If you could remember, you might not want to do it again. In my opinion, selling is much easier than buying but it can also be stressful.One of the ways that I help my seller...
There were shortages at U C Davis a few months back, and probably everywhere, for the new pneumonia vaccine. Still can't even get the updated shingles vaccine; maybe next month, I hear. When I googled places to get vaccines in Kona, I was surprised to learn that Wal Mart and Safeway both offer th...
Nobody is really immune from normal human emotions. I don't care who you are or how insulated you might think you are. Once you are emotionally invested in a situation -- and notice I say situation, not property, even though it may be property-related -- those emotions can conflict with normal co...
One of the things about remodeling a house is realizing contractors are limited by their experiences. They don't know everything. Especially general contractors. Every single one of them has a different opinion. Usually, the goal seems to be to pay their workers as little as possible and get the ...
In case you're wondering, I am still camping out at our house in Hawaii in the midst of remodeling hell. We got bogged down because the countertop guys could not get over here in a timely manner. It's also taken them two days to cut and install 3 pieces of plywood.That surface did give me a good ...

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