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Serve or Sell Part 2 Where does it start? Naturally it’s a business where you can dictate your income and the opportunities to make more money than that old 9–5 job and not have a boss is pretty enticing. Here’s where it takes off from there. The antiquated training that continues to be delivered...
Serve or Sell? We are in an interesting business where if you drill down one of the top reasons an agent got into the business . . . it was about the money. And we wonder why real estate agents are constantly struggling against the consumer’s perception of us? When the pure focus is on the money,...
What is the solution to increased productivity? Have a clear picture⁄vision of where you are going Eliminate all negative self talk and act “as if” Be open to input Be willing to take action Be aware of how you fall back into old patterns that don’t serve you. Have someone hold you accountable on...
Accountability is not a bad word Observing or noticing without judgment is the purest definition and execution of accountability. Unfortunately not the experience most of us have had in an accountable context. Accountability is critical because it creates deadlines, targets, and an opportunity to...
Dealing with the Big Elephant Three things must happen to facilitate change and consistent growth in your business. Openness: Be open minded and willing to listen to input and suggestions regarding your business. Willingness: To take what you receive and put it into action. Awareness: Having cons...
Real estate agents are the authorities on how to sell a home, so considering their advice can be a good place to start when attempting to navigate the process. They regularly deal with all aspects of a home sale. Those with experience as both buyer's and seller's agents may be accustomed to appr...
         There is no doubt that time is a business person's most precious resource. In fact, time is everyone's most precious resource. We never realize how precious time is until we run out of it. George Burns had 100 years, yet he never had time for his final performance.   We all waste too muc...
Here’s the truth I will present it to you in the form of a question. Why don’t we do what we want to do, need to do, should do, and most times know how to do? We think the next training session, new dialogue, or technology is going to change it all. We keep chasing it and go into the constant “sp...
The Big Elephant in the room We are caught up in an industry of bright shiny objects, the next magic pill, or the strategy that is going to make our business explode. We attend a seminar, buy a cd, enroll in a lead generation program, or purchase the latest in software. We leave the event or purc...
The Journal "Calls a Bottom"        The housing market has reached bottom, at least according to 44 forecasters surveyed by The Wall Street Journal. Only three economists surveyed said they didn't think the market had reached bottom yet. The recent momentum in housing has plenty of forecasters co...

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