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In New York, on February 4, 2003, the New York State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council voted to revise the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code to establish standards for the installation and maintenance of carbon monoxide alarms in certain buildings. The Code Council adopted this re...
Today the New York Times reported that a $1 million grant was utilized by the Furman Center to create an interactive online database of subsidized housing by location and other criteria. The web address for those interested is:  http://datasearch.furmancenter.org/ I have been playing with the dat...
For those of us who grew up in the 1970s (and certainly anyone who grew up before then), schools, to us, would seem like prisons.  Among a variety of area school districts and systems, I've heard so many stories lately that, at first blush, seem humorous.  But, they are not and they indicate the ...
Many appraisers have valued one-family, two-family and multi-family houses.  Fewer have appraised million dollar vacant lots, multi-million dollar apartment buildings or warehouses.  I consider myself among the few who have considered the true oddballs and bigwigs.  I have appraised cloistered co...
I just read a Village Voice article explaining that the Occupy Wall Street Movement was going to move from courthouse to courthouse to stop foreclosure sales in the five Boroughs of NYC.  Noble - but misplaced. Here is a press release, written by someone who purports to be an attorney, stating th...
Earlier, I wrote a Blog about the protests going on in Downtown Manhattan.  I received a response that accused me of basically being ignorant of everything relating to this 'protest'.  So, I wrote a response, but I figured here would be a better forum for it, as to write this much in response to ...
  Leonard Fritzson is an accountant in Nassau County on Long Island. He's been accounting for decades, and goes to great lengths for his clients. However, recently I have gotten feedback from people who I had suggested that was so good, I had to share it.   Leonard Fritzson took one client's file...
A few hours ago, this Blog was posted by Cynthia Larsen of Safe Haven Realty in Sonoma, CA.  It's a great testament to how our privacy and lives are being overwhelmed by the big corporations publishing things that aren't close to accurate, but standing behind their reports because they have a suf...
I am re-blogging this post because a) the Blogger who made it makes excellent Blogs (normally I would say 'writes', but she has videos and seemingly a never-ending stream of ideas and b) so I don't lose it.  It sounds corny, but I want to make sure to review it, and if it's on my page , I don't t...

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