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Last week, I wrote a blog about the housing recovery and I cited expert opinion that indicates that we are in fact in a recovery. The blog entry was very well received.  Of course there are negative fundamentals that detract from the positive news (such as shadow inventory, unemployment and lendi...
The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) is attempting to redefine who is able to qualify for a mortgage. The CFPB is redefining the term “qualified mortgage” (QM). Lenders will technically have the option of making “unqualified” mortgages to borrowers who do not appear to have the resources...
I have already heard a lot of misinformation about the latest government/ servicers/ lenders regard to allegedly unlawful foreclosure activity. So, let’s  set the record straight!! : Ten “major mortgage servicers,” including Bank of America and Wells Fargo, have agreed to pay a total of about $8....
Florida has the somewhat dubious distinction of having the most metropolitan areas that are likely to experience housing declines in 2013. This scenario is arguably due to Florida’s extremely arduous foreclosure process. The foreclosure process currently has a claimed 600 day time frame but my ex...
I completed this survey and it is worthwhile to do this because it will provide AR some insight into the needs and expectations of them member s and you will. receive 1000 AR points for 15 minutes...same time as a blog!!! We are currently conducting a survey of ActiveRain members. Some of you may...
THis is so important...I believe that Nos. 3,5,& 6 are the most important. Especially if/when we listen to our instict, we can rarely go wrong. Our instinct is often correct and if wer follow it , we can have few regrets I am often told that I am lucky to be the owner of a successful professional...
The annals of real estate are replete with stories about people renting homes, and paying their lease responsibly. Then they receive a notice that they being thrown out on the street because a landlord has been keeping the rent money and not paying their mortgage. However, under a new California ...
  There is independent data that suggests that the housing recovery is in well underway.  Veros Real Estate Solutions  (VRES) is a real estate data firm and it recently announced  its recent analyses of the twelve month period ending December 1, 2012 as well as its forecast for the 12-month perio...
Looks like many distressed home owners received a late Christmas present and another reason to celebrate New Years’ day!!  The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007 (MFDRA) expired in New Years’ day.  However there was a little known aspect of the “American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012’’ (A...
Real estate is at its most affordable rate in recent history. In my opinion, the real estate market cannot claim to be fully in “recovery” until lending loosens up. Sadly, most homeowners will not be able to take advantage of the great deals out there using conventional financing. According to th...

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