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R & D Art is a web development and marketing/advertising print company for the way the world communicates today. On the web development side we offer web design, hosting, and support services including social media outlets. We specialize in the WordPess platform using it to build a Blog site, an eCommerce site, a static website, or any combination of the three to meet your needs. Each of our builds comes with a custom theme built from the ground up with your input. On the marketing/advertising print side of our business, we manufacture products unique to you and your company. We are knowledgeable professionals with the capability of designing and developing dynamic tools to keep you connected in the fast paced and constantly changing world. When you need a fresh look and responsive team, R & D Art will fulfill that need.
Paying it forward has always been a big deal to me. With that said, I came across a challenge a week ago and I just had to take the opportunity to join in. Now, it is my turn to have my own challenge. So, without furture ado, please click the link below and read my challenge. I hope that you will...
I am not sure about you but I always like to keep my eyes and ears open to a great business opportunity. Today, I got one sent to me right here on ActiveRain through the contact system. After reading it, I am sure that I definitely want to contact this person and get started today. Here is what I...
Earlier today I wrote a post on one of my other blogs that is entitled To use or not to use? That is the question. The basis behind this post deals with a conversation that I recently held with a potential client that was getting ready to buy his first home. As I typically do, I asked if he was g...
Saturday and Sunday were both great days. One could not have asked for better days. The sun was out, the skys were clear and the tempature ranged from 70 to 80 degrees during the day over the 2 day span. Then, this morning came around and this is what I wake up to?!?!? And just so you know, it is...
I had a friend of mine from Active Rain contact me the other day asking me why I have not been present here in the Rain. Well, that is the 64 cent question and to find the answers to that and some other questions, you will need to understand what my new focus is. I am still writing mortgages when...
  Over the last year or so, I have had many people ask me about what it takes to make your website attract more consumers. In my personal experience, this is not something that you can obtain over night. There is no 'secret" formula that makes it all work. With that said, what does make it work i...
I still can not get use to the fact that John Smoltz has become a Red Sox. When I see him in that uniform, I will not know what to think. it just does not seem right. With that said, change was bound to happen. The uncertainity of his future with the Atlanta Braves had to be a big deciding factor...
Today, I thought that I would do something a little different. Today I thought that I would give something to all my readers. I am sure that most of you could use this gift. I am sure that some of you could care less about it. But, with the economy pretty much in the crapper for now, saving a buc...
Have you ever been so hungry that you think that you could eat an etire cow? Well, now you have a chance. Can you imagine sitting down to eat and one of these bad boys is dropped if front of you. Let me introduce to you the Fifth Third Burger. The bun is eight inches long and holds 5 1/3 pounds o...

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