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R & D Art is a web development and marketing/advertising print company for the way the world communicates today. On the web development side we offer web design, hosting, and support services including social media outlets. We specialize in the WordPess platform using it to build a Blog site, an eCommerce site, a static website, or any combination of the three to meet your needs. Each of our builds comes with a custom theme built from the ground up with your input. On the marketing/advertising print side of our business, we manufacture products unique to you and your company. We are knowledgeable professionals with the capability of designing and developing dynamic tools to keep you connected in the fast paced and constantly changing world. When you need a fresh look and responsive team, R & D Art will fulfill that need.
I was watching one of those home improvement channels last night and happened to see a thirty second commentary by one of the hosts for these shows. In these short spots that have been running with some frequency lately, the host was emphasizing the importance of having a professional photographe...
Yesterday, I got to witness history along with the other billions of people around the world that actually got to witness Barack Obama make history. But, it was not the moment that he placed his hand on the bible, not the moment that he stumbled through the Oath of Office, and it was not the dyna...
From the day that I started blogging, I have always thought that there needed to be a place that someone could turn to for input on what one needs to do to get started. I have scoured the internet high and low looking for this information. Finally, in disgust of not being able to find the informa...
When I lived in Florida, it seemed that I was never more than 2 hours around from anything in the center of the state to the bottom. Well, that is, with the exception of the keys. Having this luxury gave me the ability to spend weekends at whatever each I wanted. I could go to the west coast beac...
Today represents history being made. Today, the first African-American will be sworn in as the President of the United States. Today is the Inaugural Day that many of us have been waiting on. Not only are we swearing in the first African-American President, but we will also have our very first Af...
Almost everyone that knows me knows that I love and cannot get enough of sports. Whether it is football, baseball, tennis, track and field, or basketball, to name a few, they run in my blood. Some more than others, but still, they are there. One of the things that I like about Comcast.net is thei...
  I am happy to be able to reblog this post from Rich. It is with great excitement that we have unvieled the list of classes that will be taught through R & D Art. I also can not wait to be able to share the list of available products that can be purchased through R & D Art. Well, I will leave it...
Shopping has changed a lot over the last several years. When I was growing up, you could call a florist on the week of Valentines and place an order for a dozen roses and have them show up at the right place without any concerns. When it came time for Christmas, you would go the week before and g...
Before I get into this post, let me just clarify that this blog is not the announcement that this post preempted. That is a bird of a different feather and will actually be divulged February 1st instead of the end of this month. Now that I have that little bit out of the way, let me get into this...
Since I started blogging back in September of 2007, I have learned a ton about blogging. Some of the knowledge that I have learned, I owe to ActiveRain and am very grateful for them and the site. Some of the knowledge I have learned from other sources throughout the Internet. And finally, some of...

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