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That's right, now you can get a 15 Year Fixed Loan @ 4% (apr 4.228). Here are some of the requirements to get this loan: Primary Residence, Rate and Term refinance, LTV 80% or less, Loan Amount $150,000 or greater, credit score 720 or greater, and 1 % Origination fee, NO discount points or proces...
4.5 % Percent is available again, although, as usual with certain restrictions. But, if you are a borrower with excellent credit that has been waiting to refinance, now is the time. Here is a sample of the requirements to obtain this rate: Primary Residence, Rate and Term refinance, 70% Loan to V...
That Right Folks, 30 Year fixed rates are still in the 4 percent range. Its true that not everyone can qualify for these rates, but if you are waiting to refinance or buy a home, wait no longer. The Federal Government has extended the First Time Home Buyer Credit until April and now a non first t...
Heres the catch: In order to get this rate, you gotta have at least a 750 middle fico score, an ltv of 75% or below, a loan amount of $250,000 or more (up to 417,000.00) and its gonna cost you 1.5 points total. If its a purchase loan, the cost is only 1.25 points. One last thing, this is a 5/1 ad...
Does this blog title sound like a desperate lover who has just been dumped? A jilted lover begging for forgiveness and to be given one more chance? Well, its not about that at all. Its about a borrower trying to convince their lender to modify their loan, only to be shunned like yesterdays news. ...
When we last left our hero, Moe Jazzei, he was battling the evil PHANTOM GUIDELINE. Unable to locate this 20% square footage appraisal requirement in any underwriting manual, moe was unsure about the fate of his otherwise perfect loan. Just then the phone rang, it was the Nuntrust account rep. " ...
That's right people, its time for another episode of the "Attack of the Phantom Guideline"! What's that you say, you're not familiar with that show? Me neither, but apparently it comes on whenever i am trying to close a cream puff of a loan. You know, it's the show where lenders make up underwrit...
This is basically just a follow up to my previous post. 4.25 is available, but it will probably cost you two points or a little more depending on your broker (I can do it for two points). But its been over 50 years since these kinds of rates were available, so it just might make sense to pay the ...
 Due to the goverment buying Fannie Mae debt (mortgage backed securities), rates have once again come down to the 4.5% range. Provided you have a 740 middle ccredit score and a loan to value of 80% or less. And these are conventional rates, not government (FHA and VA); those rates are a little bi...
Here are some of the finer points of the new refinance program being offered to lenders by Fannie Mae, and hopefully offered by lenders to brokers. That information is still forthcoming. Maximum LTV Ratio The maximum LTV ratio for DU Refi Plus and Refi Plus is 105 percent. There is no maximum CLT...

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