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For the past 6 years working as a self motivated Mortgage Consultant in Frisco Texas, and targeting a goal where 90% or more of my business comes by referral, I have had to search and find what "gets me going in the morning" to meet that goal.  In doing this, I started a Word Document titled, "Mo...
My uncle moved from Katy Texas and sold his thriving Insurance Agency to bring his kids closer to family.  He did it because it felt like the RIGHT thing to do.  Please help me make it work out for him.  Read his profile below and you'll get the feel, that he is a trusting and well experienced In...
As a man who LOVES SPORT, I grew up fishing and not hunting.  As the mind matures, one is able to enjoy nature a little better.  It would have NEVER been a glimpse of a thought in my brain to ever have an interest to live or even own property with acreage, but the mind has changed for me.  Then a...
Let me say FIRST, I am a Romo and die hard Dallas Cowboys fan.  I think that Romo is a good enough athlete of the mind and body to overcome himself, but this is the trouble.  Romo has never thrown the ball away when under pressure and is very Favre like in throwing an interception because he can'...
First a disclaimer.  This is a simple and easy way to know.  Yes, there are other options and this and that, but this is a quick "how to tell" if you are talking to a good buyer. If you have 700 or better credit scores and have 5% down payment and money for closing costs, your a stud buyer.  Yes,...
It's hard to THINK like a home buyer again...since it's been so long since I bought and I too was clueless about the process.  Today, buyers in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and North Dallas hear the news and read the newspaper about the difficulty our banking industry is in, and it makes it hard for ...
We need help to make it possible for needy families to continue to get World Class help for their Children at Scottish Rite Hospital.  One of my dear friends in the Title Business in McKinney TX had a daughter born a couple years ago that has had operations and other services by Scottish Rite and...
Politics has never kept much of my attention until this year, and mainly because of the terrible fix I see the Frisco Texas families in on a day to day basis as I work within the mortgage industry here.  When I ask my dad, because that's just what I do in such situations, "dad, who are you voting...
OK, just joking!  She's my daughter and I couldn't help but send her out to brag on.  I love'RRRRRRRRRR!!!  (said in a pirates tone)
Lets step away from the so controversial "Bailout" talk for a minute. This is an industry for Realtors and Lenders that are willing to change right now. As water runs from a wide space to a tight space, it changes very quickly to meet it's new boundaries. Everyone in the Real Estate business know...

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