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Real Estate Investing in the greater Boston, MA Metro and Raleigh NC Metro areas
Let me preface this blog with a tidbit:  My agency can insure your buyers and sellers who have had water losses.Many homeowners insurance companies won't insure a property if it has had a water loss in the last five years.  Other insurance companies look back five years into the buyer's history t...
When the home you're renting burns down, your landlord's insurance policy doesn't cover the cost to replace your lost belongings.  That's why its important to carry your own tenant (renter's) policy.  The cost of a renter's policy can be less than $100 per year - a nominal fee for the valuable co...
All licensed drivers in North Carolina are required to carry continuous liability insurance through an admitted North Carolina carrier.So, what does that mean?  Basically, if you have a North Carolina driver's license, you have to carry liability insurance, even if you don't own a car.  That's ju...
What is the right amount to insure your home for?  Many homeowners often do not know the answer to this basic question.Some believe they should insure their home for the purchase price, others feel they should at least insure their home for the amount of their primary mortgage.  The truth is, nei...

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