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Even if you don't like music you probably know who Taylor Swift and Kanye West are. Kanye West made quite an impression, and not a positive one, at the AVMA awards in 2009 when he jumped on stage and interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for a music award. What does this have to do with re...
  No doubt about it - the Triangle area in central North Carolina is one of the best places to live in the US. Numerous surveys and studies have proven it for many years. I was reading a local Durham blog called Bull City Rising which prompted me to write this post. The blog raises an interesting...
There are 6 pieces of information that are required to constitute a loan application for a mortgage lender, bank or mortgage broker. They can be provided in person, via phone, fax or email:1) Applicant name(s) 2) Applicant(s) monthly income 3) Applicant(s) social security number(s) 4) Property a...
Hi this is Amy Shair. I’ve been out showing buyers some properties recently, and I wonder if buyers are forgetting about something...Location, location, location. You know buyers are talking about getting the best price, they're talking about getting the best looking house in terms of curb appeal...
The fence is not a comfortable place. It’s not designed for sitting. Yet, many buyers in today’s real estate market are doing just that. Buyers are not ready to make an offer or they have made an offer and cannot successfully negotiate an acceptable contract with the seller. 1) The MediaThe medi...
Some things never change. People always ask me “How's the realestate market doing around here?” It's a great question – I'm glad people care to know rather then believe the dramatic and often negative soundbites they get from tv. First of all, we're much better off here in the Triangle than in ot...


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