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(As originally shared on  Funkify is a word I created to describe when a person makes a change to their home that works for them and doesn't work for anyone else. Putting built-in wall to wall shelves for your 1000 miniature antique doll collection is not going to work wel...
I was trying to remember how many years ago I painted my master bathroom. To my amazement, it turned out to be about 11 years! Back then it was cool to use a faux finish but now it's very dated. When I think about what color I would paint it today, I'm inspired to go back in and also replace the ...
The Wall Street Journal announced that Raleigh NC is #4 on its list of the 10 best places to live. Criteria used for the list includes job growth, and cultural attractions. Raleigh has been known for years as a popular relocation destination due to the variety of employers in the area, universiti...
I’ve heard at least 3 times this week, “Tell me what a short sale is again, Amy.” So…                   A short sale is when a lender accepts less than the total amount owed to pay off the mortgage when the property is sold. The homeowner (aka borrower) must show a qualified hardship for the bank...
    Every buyer client of mine this year who has bought a home with a mortgage has complained how much information they have had to provide to their lender. The process has become more tedious for homebuyers over the last 3 years. The silver lining is that homebuyers are getting getting home loa...
As originally seen on Amy Shair, Durham Real Estate's Blog. Welcome to the buyer's market of 2011. If you're out there as a buyer right now, and you are frustrated that you can't find the right house at the right price, you are not alone. I've had several buyers in the car with me this year - we ...
What is a Vent Boot and how does it work? A vent boot covers the pipes that stick out of your roof and what it does is it seals the area where the pipe comes out. I'm bringing this up to you today because replacing the vent boots is a relatively cheap repair - a handyman can do it, a homeowner ca...
There was a July 2011 article in the Parade Magazine asking which is better, cats or dogs. Well, one thing that dogs have and cats do not are Dog Parks! These parks offering social interaction and entertainment for dogs and their owners. Often the Dog Parks have their own etiquette requirements a...
Moving is stressful for those of us that move by ourselves and it is stressful for kids too. I was talking with someone this week who reminded me of some sage advice I think is relevant for people who are planning on moving with children. She said that the best advice she could give is when you a...
  Growing up my mom hated when we would burn candles. She would have flashbacks to a kitchen fire that occurred when she was a child. There were candles burning in the kitchen and it caused their kitchen cabinets to catch on fire. No one was injured but it did a lot of damage to their kitchen. N...

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