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I love all the blogs that have cute pics that say what your blog represents. I would like to find out how and where you great bloggers find your clip art and photos. Free would be great.. Like I have been looking for something that shows a happy positive person for my next blog. I am new to this ...
But now we are faced with a huge gas increase.  At 4Pm today our little town was out of gas in our 3 stations. News was get it by 5Pm or pay close to $6.  So off we went. I was able to get there just in time to fill my tank up at $3.95 a gallon.  How about you? were you able to get still get gas....
I can't believe I am watching 90210, but it was either that or football.  But seriously, there they are, all grown up now. Even the Peach Pit is back. They are now playing teachers, coaches and even the school principal.  Course the kids are all different, have fabulous cars, even an airplane to ...
 Ok, I am a Floridian who now lives and loves the North Carolina Mountains. I am becoming a Carolidian and wanted to share some thoughts a friend of mine thought I needed to know. 1. A possum is a flat animal who sleeps in the middle of the road. 2. There are 5,000 types of snakes and 4,998 live ...
My grandkids love to keep saying "are we there yet" over and over. So having just finished reading our monthly report from our MLS on the NAR report for Jan 1 2008 through August  31 2008. I thought I would share a few things. Below are two very popular places in the High Country that have always...
Just read the statistics for the  closed sales in Banner Elk and Beech Mountain North Carolina.  It wasn't a banner month for the high country area.  Beech Mountain  had 13 closed sales with an average of 299 days on the market.  Banner Elk had 10 sales closed and 152 days on the market.  There w...
Finally my TV shows are coming back with brand new episodes.  I don't think I could have sat and watch another rerun of Greys Anatomy, CSI or my favorite, House.  But it won't be long. Soon as LAbor Day is over the new shows will begin,  Yeah....There are a lot of new shows coming up this season,...
I have had several days to reflect upon my life, growing up, the lessons I learned, the fun , the not so fun. My mother who has lived with me for many years had a heart attack on  Tuesday.  She is Ok today, but maybe not tomorrow.  During the hour and half drive to the hospital everyday has given...
A friend of mine sent this to me today and I wanted to share this information with you about what you should do when someone steals your wallet.  This was written by an Attorney who had his wallet taken and what he learned. Anonymous ATTORNEY'S ADVICE - NO CHARGE Read this and make a copy for you...
Just about now you are asking yourself, 'what the heck is a "Wolly Worm".  If you don't know, you haven't been to the World famous Wolly Worm Festival in Banner Elk NC. The Town of Banner Elk celebrates the coming of the snow season by holding a Fall Festival. Each year on the third weekend in Oc...

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