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A place where where we can share great information about the The Kelller Williams Realty Leaders- and why so many homeowner choose a Keller Williamsagent to buy and sell their home with us..
Over 20 years ago I had the priveledge of meeting Howard Brinton of "Star Power"  Howard had been hired by our Naples Board of Realtors to be a speaker at an educational seminar.  As the chair person I got to pick him up at the airport that day and that was the begining of a great friendship.  Th...
Today was a great today in our Keller Williams Lafayette Market Center.  We had a great turn out for our first KW Cares Luncheon.  Several of our agents and staff brought in food, salads and deserts to share with our agents.  All the agents had to do was donate $5 for the lunch. We then donate th...
With the new Keller Williams BOLD program that is.  Life by design..They are getting amazing results from all of the agent participating in this 7 week course.  One day a week they meet and learn what it takes to do more in your business than you ever thought possible. Almost 250 agents from the ...
Don't miss the opportunity to see three homes open in Rainey Brook, first one is on Admirals Point Drive from 1-2PM, the next ones on Osprey from 2-3, which has just been reduced to $249,900 and the third is one from 3-4. just follow the signs.  Kevin Fischer, Buyer Partner of the Kristy Sporre D...
As a business or just running as fast as you can hoping that it is working?  I hope that your answer isn't the latter! As a trainer and coach for agents, too many times I discover that they know it is a business , try to set it up to run like one, but never quite get it.  You can't build a beauti...
You know the buyer who after you closed  with them and put your check in the bank, you just went on to the next client and forgot all about them.  We call these orphans and are easy pickens for that next savvy agent who is smart enough to keep in touch.  According to the latest NAR 2008 "Profile ...
"Get a second opinion"  that was one of the messages that the incrediable Nick Vujicic shared with us at Mega Camp in Austin this past week. Nick is 26 years old, from a small town in Australia, a college graduate with 2 majors, owns 2 very profitable companies, a wonderful speaker and.....was bo...
Stop complaining..Today at the last day of the Keller Williams Mega Camp, I got to hear the most amazing young woman, Liz Mathews.  You might have heard of her, they did a movie of her young life.  "Homeless to Harvard"  She has appeared on Oprah,, 20/20 did a 30 minute segment on her. Liz doesn'...
Today, Gary Keller of Keller Williams Realty spoke to us about thinking bigger. He said 'life doesn't wait for anyone"   Think Big ...start small....and aim high, if you want to succeed in anything in life.  There was this awesome artisit named Patrick Mathews there who paints the most amazing oi...
I just don't understand why perfectly sane people, speaking of my little brother, can be so damn stupid.  My brother  just had his 3rd heart attack this afternoon.  He is only 55 years old. Course after the first one he was told to quit smoking and he did for about a month.  Then comes the second...

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