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What exactly is your busines card strategy?  No matter how long you've been in the business, there must always be some awkward times where handing out your business card seems weird or unnatural.  Then there are times when presenting your business card flows perfectly.  What are your mannerisms i...
This is a fun way to get the point across and a good visual aide to those clients who would like you to cut your commission.  When I was new to the biz someone showed me a little trick to keep your 6%.  Take 6 one dollar bills (or business cards but it doesn't seem as effective), then show them w...
Does anyone else do some of their best work at home after everyone is asleep?  this is my favorite time, besides commission day, to be working.  Its cool, its quiet, I wear what I want, no phone distractions and I can get all my stuff prepped for tomorrow.  This is when I make out tomorrows to do...
THE FOUR P's OF SELLING YOUR LISTINGS!There are four simple things that go a long way when trying to get your listings sold.Price - Probably the most important aspect of selling is the price.  You can have the shabbiest shack or the nicest mansion in the world, but if the price isn't right you ar...
The first year.  It was a hot, dry day in August of 2005 when a young man of 23 earned his CA Real Estate license and hung it for the first time with one of the largest companies in the world.  Being young and green, he thought he would make those million dollar sales in the first week.  Disappoi...

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