helpfaq: ActiveRain University Training & Support Classes - 02/28/10 01:43 AM
The ActiveRain University on-line Campus is one of the best ways to learn everything about the ActiveRain Community and the Social Media World.  We are now offering classes for our members and guests.  It's not just for new "RainMakers" either, it's for you too.  We've added intermediate and advanced classes and are having experienced members and outside experts come in to present, share, and show you their tips and secrets.

Each class is about one hour using our ActiveRain University on-line platform.  You can access these sessions from just about anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection.  Every … (76 comments)

helpfaq: ActiveRain University - Reduce the Learning Curve & Increase Results - 02/19/10 07:00 AM
ActiveRain University - Reduce the Learning Curve & Increase Your Results
Are you looking to learn more about how to use the ActiveRain Network?  How about Social Media, Marketing and Networking?  Do you want to minimize the learning curve and get maximum results from your time on ActiveRain?  Just one hour of your time per session, and we're confident that you'll walk away with both tools and information that will help.  Some members (myself included) have taken months and even years to learn and figure this stuff out. 
We've added classes to the calendar that are "topic" focused and structured around … (52 comments)

helpfaq: ActiveRain Training and Support - Our New On-Line Campus - 02/02/10 08:57 AM

ActiveRain Training and Support - Your Virtual Classroom
We are now offering RainMaker members an opportunity to join us for some "informal" on-line training and support.  Our ActiveRain Training and Support Program is where you can phone in, join a classroom environment, ask your questions, see live examples and get detailed tutoring on "how it all works!"  The best part is that you can do it from the comfort of your home or office computer, and classes will be available three times a week for your convenience.  Time for the teacher to give YOU an apple.

There's no formal … (128 comments)

helpfaq: Resources for ActiveRain Training and Support - 12/18/09 03:06 PM
Resources for ActiveRain Training and Support
Are you a new member on ActiveRain?  Are you looking for the manual or guide?  Do you have questions, feel lost or overwhelmed by all the cool stuff ActiveRain has to offer?  Help is here, but do you know where to find it?  Many of the questions, calls, emails, and tickets I receive always start off with, "How do I.....?"
Here are some of the best resources for ActiveRain training, coaching, and support. 
The ActiveRain "HELP" Toolbar for BrowsersAdd It To Your Browser, Never Get Lost Again! Getting Started on ActiveRain - A post … (53 comments)

helpfaq: How To Create and Use iFrames and Tables on Your Blog - 11/28/09 11:43 AM
How To Create and Use iFrames and Tables on Your Blog
Last week I promised to create a post explaining how to add iFrames and tables to your Blog posts.  Instead of making this a long drawn out technical "How To" tutorial, I decided to make it really easy for those of you interested in using this feature.  It is HTML based and does require a little HTML skill, but I think the way I'm about to show you will totally simplify the process and keep you from losing your sanity! lol~
The hardest thing you'll have to do is … (148 comments)

helpfaq: How To Use ScribeFire to Enhance Your ActiveRain Blog Posts - 11/24/09 08:26 AM
How To Use ScribeFire to Enhance Your ActiveRain Blog Posts is a great 3rd party add-on to the Mozilla Firefox Browser.  Lately, the emails and calls have been coming in about how to setup AR Blogs, get API's, and how to use Scribefire with ActiveRain Blog posts.  First off, the reason I mention Scribefire is that it is one of the few third party apps I have found that works well and doesn't conflict with the AR Network HTML format. 
Really Important
Some members on AR use MS Word, Publisher, Front Page and other sources which often times (but … (185 comments)

helpfaq: How To Use Your "Existing" Domain Names on AR Outside Blogs - 10/22/09 01:10 AM
How To Use Your Own "Pre-Purchased" Domain Name on the ActiveRain Outside Blogs
This applies to members with Outside Blogs that want to use an existing domain name purchased elsewhere.
"Each new ActiveRain Outside Blog comes with a free custom domain name.  But what if you've already purchased a domain name?  Using your own domain with your new blog doesn't have to be a nightmare. Just follow your registrar's instructions for updating your domain's name servers. You'll need to point them at ActiveRain."

Here's a tutorial on how to setup your Outside Blog with your own Domain Name or URL in … (85 comments)

helpfaq: How to Add Custom Links to Your Blog Sidebar - 09/14/09 11:06 AM
Jeff Dowler wrote a great post regarding "How To Use His Blog - A Road Map" showing Buyers, Sellers, and Visitors how to navigate his Blog on ActiveRain.  This was a fantastic idea, so I wanted to expand on it, thanks Jeff.  As with any Blog roll, as content is added to your Blog, the previous Blog is moved down the roll allowing for the most current post to be at the top of your Blog.  In this case, Jeff's great post will eventually be pushed down the Blog Roll and end up off the page. (it's already dropped down to … (64 comments)

helpfaq: How To Add MP3 Files to your Blog - 08/31/09 10:09 AM
How To Add MP3 Files to your Blog
Marie Westerman, a REALTOR® member here from Georgia emailed me this morning and asked, "Brad how can I put a MP3 into a blog?"  Knowing that there are probably other members wondering how to do this, here's a quick tutorial that will show you How To Add MP3 Files to a Blog Post.
VERY IMPORTANT TIP: Keep in mind that MP3 audio files should never be setup to "AutoPlay" on your Blog. Let your readers and listeners select if they want to hear it or not.  If you set them up to "autoplay", … (112 comments)

helpfaq: ActiveRain Multi-Authored Outside Blog Gets Recognition - 08/29/09 03:11 AM
ActiveRain Multi-Authored Outside Blog Gets Social Marketing Recognition, an AR Outside Blog built by contributing members of ActiveRain was recognized today by  Thank you to those members whose contributions and efforts made this possible.  For those of you looking for tips and how-to's about ActiveRain, this is a good place to visit on occasion.  Many of our AR members here have written some great tutorials and added them to this Outside Blog. Having multiple contributors can really build some great value in a Blog and is probably why this Blog was recognized today.

Thanks to Google Alerts for … (68 comments)

helpfaq: How To Add Authors, Editors, and Contributors on Outside Blogs - 08/09/09 04:00 PM
How To Add & Understand Authors, Editors, and Contributors Roles on Outside Blogs
Any member of ActiveRain with an Outside Blog or "ActiveBlog" can invite others to contribute.  Whether you are a Broker inviting your Agents, an Agent inviting your TEAM and Affiliates, or just a member inviting another member, here's the differences between setting up an Author, an Editor, or a Contributor.  When you invite others to write and contribute to your Outside Blog, it's important to understand these three categories and the rights and privileges they offer.  There are different levels of privileges for each category.
Inviting Others To … (38 comments)

helpfaq: The Google SEO Starter Guide - Tips To Know about SEO - 07/29/09 06:19 AM
The Google SEO Starter Guide - Tips To Know about SEO
With all the SEO experts out there, the one thing that I have learned over the years is to be sure and research things in detail that are important to you or to the success and marketing of your business.  You just can't believe everything you read out there these days.  We all know that SEO changes, and NO ONE except the employees of the Search Engine companies and their programmers and engineers know the truth and technical aspects of how it all really works.
However, this is some important … (59 comments)

helpfaq: Hit Router - How To Setup & Save Your Own Traffic - 04/17/09 08:28 AM
One of the many wonderful features that ActiveRain has available to Members is called Hit Router.  Jeff Corbett created an "Introductory Post" that will give you a few more details about Hit Router and the initial launch.  The following posts are tutorials to help you get Hit Router setup and running properly.  These will be very short and easy tutorials so you can get up and running right away with little or no hassle at all.  You might also want to catch Bob Stewarts "White Board" Video Presentation for a better understanding of ActiveRain's Hit Router.
To save your own traffic, … (227 comments)

helpfaq: Week In Review - Top 10 ActiveRain FAQ's - Volume IV - 03/26/09 08:30 AM
This Post was created using just some of the questions I get asked from ActiveRain members. Some of the ones you won't find posted here, I could never repeat in public!  lol~  You can't even imagine some of the kinds of questions I get. My Favorite this week has to be just "Bob?" Now does Brad sound like Bob to you? haha!  Seriously though, no such thing as a dumb question.
Here are the TOP 10 FAQ's for the week of March 16th, 2009.  If you know of any other member who may have some of these same questions or issues, … (47 comments)

helpfaq: Week In Review - Top 10 ActiveRain FAQ's - Volume III - 03/15/09 11:29 PM
Here are the TOP 10 FAQ's for the week of March 9th, 2009.  If you know of another member who may have some of these same questions or issues, please feel free to forward them this post.  It looks like a network with this many members and this many tools and options will never run out of good questions to be answered.  Thanks for all the continued support and comments, these seem to be helping reduce the amount of tickets and emails we normally get on a regular basis.  Special thanks to Jeremy Blanton for helping us get caught up in … (91 comments)

helpfaq: Week In Review - Top 10 ActiveRain FAQ's - Volume II - 03/08/09 11:56 PM
Well, you asked for them, so here they are.  One of the great things about ActiveRain, as quoted by one of our members Tracy Saunders in the "AR Voices Video", is that AR is the place to go if you have questions.  Once again, here are the TOP FAQ's but this time for the week of March 2nd, 2009.  If you know of another member who may have some of these same questions or issues, please feel free to forward them this post.  I may not be able to provide this each week, but with time permitting, I will continue to … (72 comments)

helpfaq: Week In Review - Top 10 ActiveRain FAQ's - 03/02/09 07:45 PM

These are the top most Frequently Asked Questions I received and tried to answer this week.  I thought it might be a good idea to put these out there in hopes that this will help others who might have the same issues, or questions.  Sometimes just helping one person creates an opportunity to help many.
  I'm just getting started on ActiveRain. I attended a class a few weeks ago. I finally got up the courage to write my first blog, it's not great, but you have to start somewhere. I know my confidence will grow with practice and my … (138 comments)

helpfaq: Hit Router - How To Set Up Your Own Click Campaign - 10/28/08 05:56 PM
This is much simpler than you may think, so don't complicate it or get frustrated until you have reviewed this entire post.  This was written to walk you through the process with little or no pain.  Let's see how I do.
Hit Router is really a simple Pay Per Click system, very similar to Google Ad Sense and Ad Words, the difference is that it is housed within the AR Network and it revolves around members Blog pages and IDX Listing Sites.  The traffic this will help generate to your sites will be easy and measurable now.
Members can buy visitors/traffic … (137 comments)

helpfaq: Hit Router - How To Opt Out - 10/28/08 04:52 PM
ActiveRain's Hit Router allows you to "opt-in" or "opt-out" depending on if you have an IDX and want to participate or not.  What is IDX you ask?  "IDX or Internet Data Display, is a program initiated by the National Association of Realtors which went into effect on January 1st of 2002. The IDX concept allows the members of an MLS system to display publicly, on their company or personal web site, all of the currently available properties for sale within that MLS system."
Hit Router allows you to set this up by using the opt-in and opt-out options shown in … (27 comments)

helpfaq: The "NEW" ActiveRain Blog Customizer - Version 2.0 - 09/30/08 05:47 AM
YEAH!  The "NEW" AR Blog Customizer was released over the weekend, and is now up and running.  Thanks to Brad Carroll over at Dakno, the AR Blog Customizer was birthed a few months ago, and added to the network allowing members to customize the headers and backgrounds of their Blogs. In fact, it was such a hit, we ended up taking too much space on Brad's company server. 
So, we have had to move all the data and information over to our own ActiveRain servers.  You may have noticed that if you were using the 1.0 version, you would get a … (241 comments)

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