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By John Pusa, Your All Time Realtor With Exceptional Service
(Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Crest)
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On January 25, 2019, Jane Chertoff published a very helpful report on Realtor.com about the fallowing list of  selecting exterior home colors trends.1. Sea blues,2. All black,3. Taupe,4. Spanish moss,5. Natural with a bold front door,Perhaps, there are more list of exterior home colors trends we ...

By Jessica Wilkie, Broker Associate
(Keller Williams Integrity Real Estate)
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Finding a contractor in a high-growth city like Denver can be the opposite of easy. Many of them have jobs booked well in advance, so it’s essential to do your research and start gathering bids as early as possible. Knowing what’s in store will help you go in with a plan. Here are some things to ...

By Danny Margagliano, Danny "Wheels"
(30a Local Properties)
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Painting the interior of your home can make a differenceWhen moving into a new home most new buyers want to add their own personal touch. This can be done most easily by hiring someone for interior home painting. The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you are hiring the right compa...

By David Jackson, MBA, Financial lending analyst
(Olympus Labs)
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Home modifications may add to the value of a home, or these modifications may make it difficult to sell a home. If someone in the home has limited mobility, these home modifications can make their lives much easier.But when you go to sell the home, it may push potential buyers away.A few points t...

By Lisa Bear (RE/MAX REALTY CENTER) Waukesha,MilwWI Real Estate 2628935555
(Buyers Agent/Luxury/Lake/REO, listing package options)
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Hi Gang,Few things to remember when we have the snow and cold that often we forget. Lucky for Jamie, he is always getting a "honey do list", so he can't forget. Since many of you are home today you should: .1) Make sure the furnace air intake and exhaust on the side of the house are clear of snow...

By Tom Evans, Real Estate Counselor and Investor
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Whenever your foundation has a problem, the biggest concern is usually the repair. No one really wants to spend money on a foundation repair but sometimes it’s the only realistic option that you have. Besides, the more time you waste contemplating what to do with your building, the more expensive...

By Kevin McKenzie, Helping Realtors with Expert Content
(Spectrum Communications)
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When you’re ready to embark on a home improvement project, one of the most important considerations to make regards the return on your investment. Whether you’re planning to move, looking to improve your home’s value, or simply updating your abode with the latest and greatest, you want to avoid p...

By John Pusa, Your All Time Realtor With Exceptional Service
(Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Crest)
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On January 17, 2019, The National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) Remodeling Market Index (RMI) declined one point to 57 points in the 4th quarter of 2018, from 57 points in the 3rd quarter of 2018.The Remodeling Market Index’s current market conditions down one point to 57 points, major add...

By Donald A. Masters
(Master Home & Building Inspections, LLC)
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I've run across several basements recently that have had the typical "interior perimeter waterproofing", with the basement block walls in really poor condition, including peeling paint, cracking parge, and mineral deposit leeching.. This has given me reason to put more thought into the inspection...

By Crystal Simmons, A present for the self.
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There are a lot of things one should consider before building a home. There are a bunch of complexities involved in making a home and you have to be sure of everything. Building a home on a steep land is even more complex and requires creative thinking and a lot of homework. There are many benefi...

By Matt Lee, Real Estate Marketing
(Rise Up Local & Lead Generation Experts)
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No matter how well you maintain your house from the inside, the roof is the most important part of the structure of your house. Not only does a well-built roof give your house an impressive appearance but also keeps the whole structure together. Also, the roof of your house remains exposed to all...

By Jennifer Stone, Favorite Four Letter Word: SOLD
(Big Show Realty)
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Operating with a garage door that is out of alignment is a risk not worth taking. For starters, you might get locked in or out of your garage if the door is jammed tight. In worse cases, the out-of-balance door could snap from the tracks and injure persons standing nearby. Out of place garage doo...
Winter is often deemed a wonderland, but when winter weather affects your home or property and causes serious personal injury hazards, it's more of a legal and financial hurricane than a wonderful time of year. Choosing to winterize your home or property can not only help keep you, your loved one...

By Tommy Wyher, I am an freelance writer and professional marketer
(Husky Marketing)
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When you’re in need of a construction or renovation job to be done in your home, there is typically a specialized contractor for everything out there. However, you will occasionally be faced with a more complicated project that requires the expertise of someone who understands construction inside...

By Stieg Strand, Always showing up and working hard for you
(RE/MAX Results)
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HGTV addicts listen up... You have an opportunity to own a peice of HGTV for only $245000. 1463 Sage Court in Shakopee, a three level split with 3 beds 2 bath Shakopee had an $80,000 full kitchen/dining/entry makeover in one evening!    Click here for more Sage Court information and virtual tour ...

By Georgie Hunter R(S) 58089, Maui Real Estate sales and lifestyle info
(Hawai'i Life Real Estate Brokers)
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Do you like to sit in the sauna on a cold night?  Well it's gets pretty cool in the upcountry town of Kula, so a hot sauna might be just what you need to take the chill out of your bones.  The house for sale at 63 Ka Drive, in the Kula Kai neighborhood, has a cute little wooden sauna hut in the b...

By Peter Mohylsky, SoWal Expert, Let me help you find your path to the beach.
(Gulf Place @ 30A)
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Experience does matter as you have heard me say many times before.  I am more than willing to lend my years of experience to help buyers and sellers on properties but I insist that they share their thoughts on the subject so that I know where this conversation might lead as we go down those rabbi...

By Samuel John, We give you daily about real estate market.
(Daily Real Estate Update)
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 Physical work, whether professional or in the comfort of the home, needs to be protected. When taking a specific action, you should take care of your safety by completing a set of protective clothing in order to avoid damage to your health. Protecting the most exposed parts of the body is import...

(Chapman Hall Premier Realtors)
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Whether you just bought your home or you’ve owned it a while, it can be easy to overlook the windows that open it up to the world, as if they didn’t even exist. Even if you don’t, you probably know that a lot of glass and natural light is awesome, but it comes at a cost. As windows age and homes ...

By Hilary Erickson, Pulling Curls is a family lifestyle blog
(Pulling Curls)
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One of the most exciting things about getting into your first home is being able to customize it to your heart's content. For many, this means remodeling parts of your home that need some TLC.  However, home projects can take a lot of time and money. So if changing things up too much isn't quite ...