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By Nathan Gesner, Broker / Property Manager
(American West Realty and Management)
Am I throwing my money away?I recently read a lengthy article about all the reasons why Property Management is like throwing money down the drain. The author shared a large number of reasons why managers are cheats and just too expensive. What's interesting is he never addressed a single reason why a manager may be necessary - or even good - for an investor.I can't go over every pro and con in one article, so let me just focus on a few primary reasons why someone might use a property manager: Distance. Many investors are unable / unwilling to live and invest in the same community. It's difficult, if not impossible, to manage rentals from a distance. Hiring someone locally to manage the property ensures you have eyes on the property and someone that knows the market. Money. Many investor...
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Information gathered from the energy audit will be used to determine energy efficiency, retrofitting and weatherization projects using funds from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grants (EECBG). Retrofitting projects will include air infiltration, energy efficient windows and doors, insulation levels, weather-stripping and caulking, and electric base loads.   Using its EECBG formula funding to retrofit and improve the energy efficiency of a number of it's municipal buildings that will result in substantial reduction in energy usage. EECBG Formula grants can be used for energy efficiency and conservation programs and projects community wide, as well as renewable energy installations on local municipal buildings, city facilities, local city and county government buildings. EEC...
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