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By Dale Samples, REALTOR -Homes for Sale Charleston, West Virgini
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South Charleston WV Home Sales for October 2012 October 2012 Real Estate Report Homes Sold: 17   Average Sales Price: $136,694   Homes Currently on the Market: 124   Homes Currently Under Contract: 27   Average Days On the Market: 88   South Charleston real estate shows an improvement over October 2011. For the same period 2011, only 9 homes were sold for an average of $118,466. South Charleston is a neighboring community of Charleston with the amenities of a large city, but still the close knit feel of a small town.
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By Dale Samples, REALTOR -Homes for Sale Charleston, West Virgini
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Market Report: South Charleston WV real estate moves quickly! South Charleston WV homes for sale really fly off the shelf! The median days on the market for December 2011 was 35! South Charleston, a suburb of the capitol city Charleston is easily accessible off the major interstates that snake their way through the valley. It has a small town feel to it, but with the amenities of cities twice its size. The median price in December 2011 was $66,500, while during the same period last year it was $109,000. This was more of a lack of inventory than a depressed market.  
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By Sarah Cooper
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Last weekend I took my family to the Criel Mound in South Charleston. It’s such a fixture in our area that it’s usually just called “the mound” and is used as a traffic landmark. We don’t talk about the mound so much as its relation to the shops and businesses that have grown up around it. But I knew a little of the story and was curious. I asked my daughters what they knew about it. Little One had studied it just last week, but hadn’t mentioned it until I asked. Tall One learned about it last year, but remembered a little, too. My husband, who didn’t grow up around here, didn’t even know it was anything more than a hill. It is much more than a hill. It was built somewhere between 250 and 150 B.C.E. by people of the Adena culture. These mounds were built as memorial gravesites, much li...
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