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By Peter Corum
(Wells Fargo - The Corum Team)
Good afternoon and welcome to community impact with Peter Corum discussing important issues affecting West Virginians in the Eastern Panhandle and around the mountain state. Peter is a mortgage consultant with Wells Fargo 237 West Washington Street in Charles Town and a concerned citizen of West Virginia. And now live from the studios of talk radio WRNR Martinsburg here's Peter: Corum: Good afternoon and thank you for joining us on Community Impact.  I'm your host, Peter Corum with Fred Blackmer. Fred, you have found a very interesting guest today. Tell us about him. Blackmer: You can never accuse me of not being topical when we are getting guests. This is a pretty big deal here in Jefferson County.  Corum: We have with us Michael Cassell. Mike, how are you doing? Cassell: I'm doing fin...
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