Brule, Wi (Superior, WI)
By Gary J. Larson
(Northwestern Real Estate)
Have you ever stood on the shore of Lake Superior in a virgin forest of cedar and pine with no underbrush. Have you ever been in a remote area with a stream flowing north to Lake Superior full of trout and so clear you could drink the water. Have you ever had the chance to walk 200 timberland acres with a small self contained lake. Do you ever get to see, walk and relax on Northwestern Wisconsin Lakeshore and Waterfront land. I have been able to do that since opening my first Real Estate agency in 1972 in Lake Nebagamon, Wi. Serving the South Shore of Lake Superior in Wisconsin I have been enjoying this every day I wanlk the land. I love this job and thats why I have gotten the title of The Land Man.Lake Superior is the largest fresh water lake in the world and holds 10% of the worlds f...
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