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By Frank Pabon, USDA, FHA, Appleton Home Loans 920-319-5368,
(Hartford Financial Services - Wisconsin Mortgage Lender)
FHA streamline program in Lodi is also available throughout and Columbia County! The Lodi FHA streamline program will allow you to easily lower your Lodi interest rate and mortgage payment. Interest rates in Lodi are at record lows! If you have a Lodi FHA home loan, good pay history, and average credit scores, you can start saving $75 to $275 a month! Our streamlined Lodi FHA mortgage program does not require an appraisal, does not require equity, requires minimal traditional documentation, has no points, and is not a time consuming loan modification. Our Lodi FHA streamline program requires a 5% minimum savings, allows you to skip one month mortgage payment, and you will receive a refund of your current escrow account. Do not delay! Lodi FHA homeowners call me today at 920-623-9242, em...
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