Tom Braatz Sells Commercial Real Estate In Waukesha County Wisconsin (Hartland, WI)
By Tom Braatz Waukesha County Real Estate 262-377-1459, Waukesha County Realtor Real Estate agent. SOLD!
(Coldwell Banker)
 In this installment of our series Tom Braatz, How do I find the right real estate agent in Waukesha County? Series (#3 of 6) we will talk about what to look for in selecting a commercial/Investment broker whether you are buying or selling commercial real estate. It's easy to see a lot of the great buys out there and there are many parts to the equation in buying or selling commercial real estate. When I sit down with a party that starts to pursue commercial avenues I ask them their needs and wants. I always recommend that they have a good attorney and accountant to talk to. I further ask them whether they are buying or selling how their accountant is going to structure the transaction, how they are going to finance the transaction and if I will be helping them find financing, and if th...
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