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By Jason Simonson, Realty Executives - Menomonie WI
Ice fishing lingo Drill: An ice auger used to make a hole in the ice. Scoop: A ladle used to lift slush and ice chunks out of the fishing hole. Bucket: A device used to carry fishing gear and to sit on. Spring bobber: Coiled wires at the end of the fishing pole to give the rod tip more bounce. Crampons: Metal spikes strapped on boots to help fishermen walk on ice. Tip-ups: Unmanned fishing lines attached to a flag. The flag goes up when a fish is on the line. Chaps: Shin and knee guards worn while kneeling on the ice. Hard water: A frozen lake. Soft Water: Open water Shack: An ice shanty. Vexilar: An electronic device used to find fish. Black ice: Clear ice you can see through. White ice: Frozen slush and snow.
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