Montlake (Moses Lake, WA)
By Diane Huffman
(Moses Lake Realty Group)
Moses Lake, Wa's Yonewaza Park It is no longer a "Field of Weeds"! Yonezawa Park is now a beautiful lawn area with picnic tables, trees (small ones - but let's be forward thinking), soccer goal nets, and even a porta-potty. It is appropriately located on Yonewaza Ave. The Moses Lake Christian Church, which is being prepared for use, is on one side, a fence runs along the backside, and homes on the 3rd side. I use Yonewaza Rd regularly and I very much appreciate how nice it looks. I have seen it being used often by soccer players, dog walkers, and people taking their lunch breaks. Thank you Moses Lake for adding Yonezawa Park to our town's list of beautiful recreational areas.
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By Diane Huffman
(Moses Lake Realty Group)
Montlake is a community of homes built starting in the 1950's. Each decade has seen more homes added to the area plus a beautiful and functional 10 acre park with BBQ's, large covered seating, playground, restrooms, and boat launch. Montlake's sought after community is close to town and schools. Schools  Garden Heights Elementary Chief Moses Middle School Moses Lake High School Moses Lake Christian Academy Crestview Christian School Big Bend Community College For more info on schools: public, private or homeschooling groups call Moses Lake Chamber at 509-765-7888    This 3600 sq ft home in...
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By Heather Adkinson, Real Estate Agent - Moses Lake
(Windermere K-2 Realty LLC
It seemed to be a very slow Halloween this year.  I thought I would run out of candy earlier then I did.  What with the economy and all I had candy on a budget! Moses Lake Business Owners once again pulled off another downtown trick-or-treating event.  A BIG thank-you goes out to them, we know it's been a slow year and then they had to buy all that candy!  You are appreciated!  My princesses & puppy enjoyed going out to get candy that then is forgotten about after a week.  I have to say the funniest costume I saw was a little 2 year old dressed as Nellie from Little House on the Prairie except this 2 year old wanted to wear a mask too.  She was a  SCARY Nellie from Little House on the Prairie.  Is that possible?? My second runner up had to be the mother that came to the door with a plas...
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