Creekside Vista (Gold Bar, WA)
By Phil Leng, Phil Leng - Retired
3 bedroom 2.5 baths home for sale in Gold Bar WA Short Sale! $159,500   One of the few “Great Deals” still available to the public... not sold before the listing ink was dry... we used a pencil.   Get it while it’s hot!   (Because you know our summers are brief.) Built in 2008 this two-story home still has the “new-car smell” associated with something fresh off the construction line.  But being 5 years “young” you don’t get the “off-the-lot depreciation”  most people get when they take their new home car.  Yes, you have the savings of buying “pre-owned” and the benefit of current construction codes and technology.  Yes, my sense of humor is odd to many folks.  Just hoping you find it a tad entertaining too!So you can save a bunch and get the best of both worlds.  Short sales serve the s...
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