Port Gardner Wharf (Everett, WA)
By Greg Rielly, Residential Loan Officer, DFI License #MLO-76580
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 So Subprime Blows Up; So What, Says Cramer Speaking about the media, Jim Cramer of MAD MONEY says, "What kind of story is it to say that you (media) know that of the 200 private equity deals only one has failed. What kind of story is that? ... Focus on the one that has failed... It's really important for the journalists to look like they are in the room with the big boys ... I know the lack of importance it (subprime) has versus treasuries ... If I was a journalist without any of the experience I had I don't think I would write about anything other than this."  Click on link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVl9SQ-KVmE&NR=1MARKET MELTDOWN ... Cramer goes off! "This is abount Bernanke ... Bernanke is being an academic ... He has no idea what it is like out there! They're nuts ... they kn...
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By Toby Barnett, Toby Barnett
(KW North Sound)
Everett Washington is changing and if you haven't heard the Port of Everett is going through a major development project that will change the landscape of the current port forever, Port Gardner Wharf. Once only a marina the port now is going to include residential condos, retail outlets as well as giving the marina a much needed face lift. The whole area is going to feel like a totally new place; especially viewing the site plan, for everyone and it will no longer be recognizable from its current look.
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