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By Paul Duffau, Caring for People, Educating about Homes
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The title of the post and the question itself probably seem a bit silly.  Everybody here on AR is in the same business whether they're a Realtor, Inspector, Mortgage Broker, Stager.  Quite often though I see people confuse industry with job. A good example was this last Friday. I was taken by surprise during one of my inspections Friday, of a Clarkston WA house. I had an exchange with a Realtor from Lewiston ID that went something like this: Inspector:  So, have you been keeping tracks of the changes in the home inspection side of things? Realtor:  No.  Why should I pay attention to your industry? Huh?  Since I didn't have a ready answer, I think she had a point.  And in my usual way, I thought of all sorts of good answers - hours later.  Before I arrived at those answers though, I had ...
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