Greenecroft (Ruckersville, VA)
By Virginia Gardner, Realtor, Charlottesville, Serving Central Virginia
(Roy Wheeler Realty Co.)
I’ve been working with builders and new construction for… ever.   In the early years (for me that’s 1988-1995), I worked with several homebuilders who were completely hands-on, who used all subcontracted labor, and who built no more than six-eight homes in a year.  I loved it!  I was truly a partner with those builders… we designed plans together, and they wanted my opinion, i.e. what was the market looking for in terms of price, size, lifestyle, and interior finish.   It was fun and it was profitable!   Eventually, the game changed.  The money was in the new planned developments, and though there was still certainly a market for the hands-on builder, it became a luxury thing.  Higher priced homes, more risk.   With the opening of Old Trail in Crozet came our first large scale commercia...
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