Darlington Oaks (Herndon, VA)
By Robert The Earl of Real Estate, The Earl of Real Estate
(St Pete LUXE Living Group)
I was going to a new townhouse and single family home community in Herndon, Virginia called Darlington Oaks built by Stanley Martin.  I will have more on the actual community and the homes for sale in another posting. I was walking over to the sales center with my suit on and my name badge - and a cyclist stop his bike and stopped me and started asking me about the new townhouses that were being held open. He asked me, "What are they going for?" - Now mind you, I had never been into these properties before, so I answered..."give me a moment and I will find out." So here was an open sales office, an open house and a interested member of the public that was not wanting to enter the office/open house.  I asked him why and he indicated that he didn't want to be sold to. So I got the info, a...
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