Earlysville Village (Charlottesville, VA)
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Earlysville Charlottesville VA Neighborhood Information and Market ReportThe Earlysville neighborhoodEarlysville is an unincorporated community in North Charlottesville, Virginia. Homes in the area are mostly single family, multi-story houses. Trees surround properties here, and you have a clear connection with nature when you move into the neighborhood. The trees are old and beautiful, and they give the area a unique atmosphere perfect for people wanting to live close to the outdoors. You are a few hours drive from the major metropolitan areas. The location highlights how this neighborhood is for people wanting to live outside the city. The neighborhood has its small commercial district. You don't have to drive far for your daily shopping and dining needs. You are relatively close to a...
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Located just east of the Blue Ridge mountains in central Virginia is Charlottesville Virginia and many people know that Charlottesville Real Estate is some of the most desirable in the country. With incredible mountain views, about 45 minutes to skiing and just a few hours to the eastern seaboard. We are located where Thomas Jefferson decided to build his home, Monticello, a must see when touring Charlottesville Virginia. Washington DC area is over two hours away and we feel that this is actually a benefit to our area. It is close enough to visit and tour, but not close enough to make our area a bedroom community.    
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By Virginia Gardner, Realtor, Charlottesville, Serving Central Virginia
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Our dogs and we love our early morning walks along Bleak House Road in Earlysville, located just outseide of the urban area of Charlottesville.  Between 5:30 - 6:30 a.m., the heat is not so great, but the humidity has remained high during this unreasonably hot summer.  Enter storms, two days in a row.... Aahhh, what a relief.  70-degree-temps and limited humidty, along with this view... Well, it's easy to revel in the beauty of the Earlysville area and offer up a great big thank you for allowing us the opportunity to have found this glorious spot all those years ago.
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