Redwood Memorial Mortuary And Cemetery (West Jordan, UT)
By Larry O'Sullivan
Redwood Memorial Mortuary and Cemetery, 6500 South Redwood Rd. West Jordan UT 84123 In my mail today I received an advertising p/c from the Redwood Memorial Mortuary and Cemetery in West Jordan UT. Amongst the bills and other advertising pieces it stood out for its humor and levity. The front is suited to winter and the current mountain sports in Utah along with their associated perils. It is enterprising in its approach, because I am being tempted to forsake my local cemetery (a mere 300 yards away in Sandy UT) for the elevated, beautiful views of Redwood Road West Jordan. The motivating feature of the piece is a free tour and gift card for a dinner for two. Notwithstanding that my wife had previously obtained a plot for us in Tucson AZ (where she prefers the weather), and that I am i...
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