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 Some records mark milestones we'd rather not see, and one was reached this week in Texas and across the United States when the price of gasoline reached an all-time highI know this doesn't really have anything to do with real estate, or when you think about it maybe it does. What is happening to our extra spending money ? I use to spend $200 per month on gas, now I'm spending $400 plus.LOOK  WHAT  HAPPENED  TO  MY  PIGGY  BANK  AFTER  I  FILLED  UP  WITH   GAS  THIS  MORNING                                                                                                                                                             POOR PIGGY!   With what we pay for milk and bread and normal living expenses and  with gasoline constantly going up, I won't have any pennies for my piggy bank....
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Great News for Spring & Summer Tourist Coming to New Braufels...River Ranch RV Resort has opened...Enjoy River-Side Camping....Texas Style. This is great news since it had been closed from the floods from a few years back. This is such a beautiful place next to the river.  Camp in  New Braunfels. tube the Guadalupe, spend the day at Schlitterbahn or sail at Canyon Lake; yet close to the San Marcos outlet stores and easy to drive to San Antonio. Don't fortget to visit Historic Gruene  Plan your schedule now and visit New Braunfels, TX and surrounding area's while camped at the River Ranch RV Resort now opened.Have Fun! Below are additional information links.  Camping in Texas Hill Country at our New Braunfels RV Park between San Antonio and Austin   Gorgeous weather, rolling rivers, and ...
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Now is your chance to do something nice for David Robinson from the San Antonio Spurs (retired)David's name has been submitted into the U.S.  Olympic Hall of Fame. David Robinson is known as an officier and a gentlement since he had such a wonderful military career before entering the NBA. David is well respected amongst his peers. Take a moment to click on this link and cast your vote for David Robinson. David has given much to the San Antoni, TX community.Go Spurs Go!  When you click on this link they will give you several choices, indicate David's name but be sure to go to the bottom and press submit.David "The Admiral" Robinson is known as one of the top centers of his era. He was on the team that won the gold in the 1986 FIBA World Cha...
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EVERYTHING TEXAS #8 IN THE SERIES  - BIG TREE  IS SAID TO BE ONE OF THE OLDEST AT 1,000 YEARS OLDBig Tree    If you enjoy camping, bird watching, fishing or sightseeing you would enjoy Lamar and Rockport,TX              The Big Tree  is the largest live oak in Texas and is estimated to be over 1000 years old.                                                                                                                                     Texas' largest tree is found on the Lamar Peninsula of Aransas County in the Goose Island State Park.Estimated to be 1,000 years old, the tree can disappoint visitors who had been imagining a Giant Sequoia. Our tip for visitors who don't want to be disappointed:The tree has ...
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I don't care what state you are from please click on this link, turn on your speakers, sit back and enjoy. I'm sure the sound, along with one of these pictures will bring back a few memories. A friend sent this to me this morning. By putting on this link this is the only way I know to get you to listen and watch.Oh! our America is a great place..... you will enjoy the pictures from Louisiana since that is your old stomping ground. The final tribute is for our troops. Please take a few minutes and listen and watch all the way through. It is quite touching.                          TURN ON YOUR SPEAKERS, SIT BACK, ENJOY!
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If you are planning on a visit to Gruene , Texas I am going to give you a map as the bridge is down and you will have to take a detour. I would think they will have a Wee St. Patrick's Day special planned for this month.        This will take you to my blog series on Everything Texas featuring Historic Gruene and the oldest dance hall in This link will display some activities from 2007 and schedule for 2008, If in your travels to Gruene you get here without going across the Gruene River Bridge then do not be concerned as all other access points remain open.  If you get here by traveling across the Gruene River Bridge, which is just below Gruene Hall then read on as you can still access Gruene from...
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By Carl Winters
If you don't respond how will I know you read this. You may wake up Sunday morning and be late for church. So leave me a comment. Don't forget to change your batteries.DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME...Time To Change Your Clocks and Other Device BatteriesMost people will trade an hour's sleep this weekend for more sunlight in the evenings.Officially the change should be made at 2 a.m. Sunday, local time, though most folks will reset their clocks and watches before going to bed.The shift to daylight saving time also serves as a reminder to install new batteries in warning devices like smoke detectors and hazard warning radios.In areas that observe daylight time, standard time will return on Nov. 2.Some parts of the country don't observe daylight time. Those include Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, th...
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By Judi Morgan, San Antonio, TX Real Estate
Today is a gray, cold, rainy, and very windy day in South Central Texas; but, I woke up ready and excited for my day to start.  First, I had to stop by the office and then take the 30 minute drive up to New Braunfels, TX.  I had an appointment scheduled with some former clients to discuss listing the house I sold them 3 years ago.  Employer has asked them to relocate - they love their house and New Braunfels and will miss both but must move forward with their lives.  That's not the reason I was excited for my day to start.The reason, another Active Rain Meeting!  I had mentioned to Carl & Ceil Winters that I would be in New Braunfels, TX  for appointment this morning.  Well, Ceil quickly checked Carl's schedule and he was already committed to do an Inspection.  But, she had to be in New...
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A good sweeping, vaccuming, soap and water can go a long way. $10.00 worth of cleaning supplies can do the job.                                                                                                                                                             IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK--CLEAN YOUR HOUSE & DECLUTTERDear Home Owner:                                                                                                        Your friendly inspector............Please clean up your home before you put it on the market. By doing so it will make it easier for everyone concerned. People are not going to buy a house that is in disarray and badly in need of repair. By doing so it certainly with sell faster and you will be able to get your asking price. As an inspector I see it all .W...
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EVERYTHING TEXAS #7 IN THE SERIES by Carl Winters/Historic Gruene TX/Oldest Dance Hall In Texas - Historic Gruene  Texas -  Sometimes you can even see restored auto's - the old timers come to show off. This is a restored 1942 Cheverolet Truck                                                               Gruene Mansion Inn Bed & Breakfast                      Oldest Dance Hall in TX                   Arriving in Texas in the mid 1840's German farmers became the first settlers in this area known as Guene,TX. A German immigrant, Ernst Gruene and hs bride had reached New Braunfels in 1845. Ernst and his two sons purchased land just down river; this is where they built heir home and settled. They planted cotton which became the number one cash crop and as the business grew soon brought other...
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The Mockingbird, Texas State Bird, #3 in  Everything Texas The Texas State Bird is the Mockingbird.Texas Redbud Tree in bloom at the end of Feb. 2008 - The Mockingbird's love the Redbud TreeIf you haved always lived in Texas you know the Mockingbird by his song. The Mockingbird at times will swoop down and peck at your or your dog. The mockingbird is very protective of his nest and environment.How to recognize the Mockingbird;The mimus polyglottos, as the mockingbird is known scientifically. The bird is about ten inches in length, including its relatively long tail. It has a light gray coat and a whitish underside. Its wings and tail are darker gray with white patchesHere is an interesting note from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Website: \"Mockingbirds are one of the most commonly noticed ...
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Everything Texas #2 in the Series - Ceil painted this pictureTexas State FlowerBluebonnet (Lupinus)The Texas state flower is named for its color and it is said , the resemblance of its petal to a woman's sunbonnet. It blooms in the early spring and can be readily found along highways and fields throughout central and south Texas. It was adopted as the official state flower by the Texas Legislature in 1901.Fall is the time to plant bluebonnets and other wildflowers in Texas. It is said it is best to cast the seed and rake into the soil. This seed will lie until enough moisture and cool temperatures stimulate and germinate the seed. The seeds need full sun and well-drained soil.You can expect to see bluebonnets begin to shoot up sometime in March.Hope you will look for and enjoy seeing th...
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By Carl Winters
San Antonio Spurs game just ended and they beat the Cavaliers on their last game of the Rodeo Road Trip. They won by 112-105 - What a game. If you missed it you missed a good one. They did a really good job without Tony Parker on this road trip. GO SPURS GO! FYI - NBA ALL-STAR GAME - February 17th - New Orleans according to my
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Changing my HVAC filter made me think to write this blog. With a beautiful spring like day like we had today it made me think A/C and maintenance. You can purchase the best system available but it is up to you to maintain your sytem.Today's advanced HVAC systems often come with power saving features, air filtration systems, and other cool add-ons. Today's efficient air conditioning units tend to use up a lot less power than older models; therefore you can save a bundle on energy bills as well. In short, updating your air conditioning system is an investment that pays for itself in a relatively short amount of time. Energy efficient AC units also consume less power, meaning there is less strain on the power plants.If you are building a new home or doing a remodel it is important to resea...
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LINKS OF INTERESTHill Country Region State Parks --Ceil and I enjoy hooking up the RV and camping at our Texas State Parks. Each link has some great photographs and interesting reading. Admiral Nimitz (the first one) has some excellent reading. Enjoy! Here is one more additonal link I found with maps and events and much more that may be helpful. Admiral Nimitz State Historic Site/National Museum of the Pacific War - Operated by the Texas Historical Commission Blanco SP Bright Leaf Park - Operated by the Austin Community Foundation Colorado Bend SP Devil's Sinkhole SNA Enchanted Rock SNA Fort McKavett SHS Garner SP Government Canyon SNA Guadalupe River SP Hill Country SNA Honey Creek SNA (Access by tour only) Inks Lake SP Kickapoo Cavern SP Landmark Inn SH...
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By Anna Horton
(Hill Country Land and Homes Realty)
The old low-water bridge on Gruene road leading from New Braunfels to Gruene has been torn down and is slowly being rebuilt. If you understand that everyone around here loved the bridge, but realized that it was dangerous, deadly and the time had come for it be replaced. We loved it on lazy hot summer afternoons, even if we weren't in the water, it was always fun to take a slow drive through the shopping tourists, down the big hill and over the bridge. You always had to drive extremely slow and cautiously due to the fact that the toobers exiting the river had a tendency to walk into stopped cars after several hours of merriment dragging a now empty cooler down river.While all the locals and I can only assume more than a few outlanders are going to miss the old bridge. We are all looking...
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Think he ate to much and got stuck? I call him "long tail." Now you have to look very carefully to see what I saw the day I was doing the insepction. By the looks of him he had not been dead too long. This mouse had the longest tale I have ever seen in my life.Check his out...these people had just moved out of this house. A fire looking to happen
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Living With Deer In The Hill Country, Hello everyone and Happy New Year! We are getting ready to have a cold front move in this evening and I was out checking to make sure everything was secure, pipes wrapped, coat for the dog. Forecase is 21 which in the Texas Hill Country is cold. While I was doing this I saw my pals, some of you have seen some pictures I posted early in the year of deer that hang out at our house. So, I thought I would post this for all to read... LIVING WITH DEER In The Hill Country Are you blessed with deer in your neighborhood? If so, you have probably had them eat most of your shrubbery, girdle the young trees with their antlers, and have given up trying to garden at all.One of the best solutions to eliminating deer damage in the yard is a fence. Eight feet high ...
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By melody salazar
(Salazar Staging & Custom Interiors)
I have been using a website optimization service for a full year to drive the traffic to my staging services website.  I also am trying to reach a redesign market.  But I am still buried in Google and unless the searcher uses concise wording, I am not found.  Does anyone have a good service they can recommend or tricks to boost your position.  Also I noticed my site is not listed at all on Yahoo.  I need to find a link to join this and other search engines.  Appreciate any guidance on this,Melody
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By melody salazar
(Salazar Staging & Custom Interiors)
As we all know, arranging the furniture during the staging is crucial in displaying the best presentation possible.  With tight budgets, this sometimes needs to be the main part of staging.  Even the most modest budgets benefit greatly from the right furniture layout.  This is one of Salazar Staging's least costly staging projects.  This was an older woman who had sat on the market for six months.  Just by adding a few accessories and valances to the window, the new furniture arrangement really changed the living room.  She got an offer 2 weeks after this staging.    Photos courtesy of Salazar Staging,
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