John Newcombe Country Club And Estates (New Braunfels, TX)
By Leeza Morris,, Realtor® Denton TX (940)391-5080
(Cloud Realty)
For the Love of Tennis. Attention: Tennis fans, Tennis parents, Tennis Retirees! Real Estate for the player in you.     New Braunfels, TX. Green Living in secluded but world famous tennis world of John Newcombe and Cliff Drysdale.   What follows bellow is not a marketing piece reproduced from the marketing materials. Rather, it's my personal observation learned first hand. My son has gotten an invitation to train at Newks Academy for a three day USTA TX section tennis camp. It was a great success. While he was training I was exploring the vicinity and real estate activity in the area, since this is what I do for a living. All photography is done by me personally. The day was gloomy:-(   Photos will de added shortly. If you follow Tennis on ESPN you should know the name of Cliff Drysdale...
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