Spring Branch (Houston, TX)
By Dr. Paula McDonald, Granbury, TX 936-203-0279
(Beam & Branch Realty)
Homes in the Spring Branch area of Houston are selling fast and furious!  This fabulous area tucked inside the Beltway 8 Loop, west of the Galleria area has become a very desirable area.  With quick access to many of the freeway systems the location is fantastic!   This home was built in 1956 and is the typical ranch-style home.  An ample-style lot at 9380 s.f. provides a great potential for a future re-build.  As Houston continues to boom, we expect to see these types of neighborhoods begin to enter the tear-down, re-build phase for the location alone.   This home sold for $305,000, has been nicely updated and sits on a lovely quiet street.  With such a brisk market, homes are selling very quickly so buyers must be prepared to make offers with quick closings!  Know what you are lookin...
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 A Touch of Whimsy (Perspectives on Real Estate and More From a Home Staging Pro)           Any talented Home Stager will tell you that Home Staging is much bigger than just placing furniture.  Everything done is for a purpose.  Not only are we trying to draw attention to the features of the house, we are also distracting (not hiding) from features that may be perceived as negative.  Our goal is to draw buyers in so that they become emotionally involved with the house.  Emotion results in offers.          One of the ways I use to emotionally draw buyers into the house is with little bits of whimsy.  My friend Donna, who is also a Home Stager, calls them “pockets of emotion.”  These are very subtle, smile inducing, yet not distracting, ways of causing a buyer to smile and remember.  Afte...
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 We Stage Ourselves, Why Not Stage our House? (Perspectives on Real Estate and More From a Home Staging Pro)          After reading Walethia Aquil’s blog about personal branding it occurred to me that Home Staging and Personal Branding (a.k.a. Self-Staging) are very similar.  After all, when we present ourselves to the world in a real estate business capacity, aren’t we striving to appear warm and welcoming?  Don’t we want to appear capable for the job?  Isn’t our goal to be accepted and chosen?  That is exactly what Home Staging does for a house.          In her very first point, Ms. Aquil writes, “Determine the "look" you want. Your physical appearance sends out a message.   What message do you want to send?”  Home Staging is no different.  Choosing the right “look” for the house is c...
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SPRING BRANCH, TEXAS(Harris County). Spring Branch is in the Memorial Villages area of the western edge of Houston in west central Harris County. It began as a religious community settled by German farmers, many of whom owned dairies. The earliest settler was Karl Kolbe, who arrived from Germany in 1830 and settled on the banks of Spring Branch where it joined Buffalo Bayou, nine miles from Houston. In 1848 farmers cleared the surrounding forestland for farms and built St. Peter's United (Lutheran) Church with lumber set aside from one of three local sawmills on a site donated by the Bauer family, who owned the mill. The Spring Branch school district began with the Spring Branch School Society, sponsored by St. Peter's Church in 1856. The first public school was opened in 1889, and in 1...
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By Thomas M. Pino
(Sweetwater Home Inspection)
Recently at an inspection of home built in the 1950's I noted that the natural gas lines to many different major appliances were connected to a proper main line with copper auxiliary lines. A big red flag came out because it is a known fact that copper and some of the additives that the gas company place in the natural gas to be able to recognize a leak can create a sulfate crystals that can clog the regulators and even go into the burners. This can create a poor burning furnace, water heater or other appliance that uses the natural gas. After stating some of the codes that restrict or are not code compliant with respect to the use of copper pipes for use in the residential communities, the seller had a person come to try and repair/replace the tubing. My recommendation was to have a li...
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