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By Sussie Sutton, David Tracy Real Estate for Buyers & Sellers
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  Daddy passed away this year. He was 93 years ready. He was quite and near the end did not talk much. I guess mostly because he was not understandable anymore. He could not see, hear, or speak. He knew we were there by touch and on rare occasions he could hear us if we were alone with him in a quite closed up room. If anyone could  make him smile it was my great grand children. Three boys. Here he is with a great big smile. I miss you dad.   
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By Sussie Sutton, David Tracy Real Estate for Buyers & Sellers
(David Tracy Real Estate)
HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! TO ALL MY ACTIVE RAIN FRIENDS AND MY MOM What did your mom sacrifice for you? My mother pinched pennies, made my clothes so that I would look "mod" like all my friends. She even surpassed what my friends could afford at the store! Thanks for teaching me how to make: A million dishes with potatoes and flour! How to make tortillas How to a make zillion dishes using just hamburger meat How to sew buttons and hem my own clothes How to sew on sleeves and not laughing at the end product Encouraging me to not give up How to be a fighter I LOVE YOU MOM!
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By Christina Strommen Stevens, Galveston Texas Realtor, Vacation home expert
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Own property on a major highway in Houston, Texas.  Beltway 8.This listing is located on the feeder road of beltway 8.  Been seen by millions are your business is passed during the daily commute of life each and every day.This area is expanding.   A new subdivisions is being built both across the street and beside the property.  Retail and major grocer at the end of the street.  Own this prime piece of property before the prices escalate.70075 SF of land available for only $425,000.See photos and find out more at .Christina StevensRealty 
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