Lamar Towers (Houston, TX)
By Christopher & Bernadette Hurley
(Go Hurley Group)
Lamar Towers Report Brought to you by The Hurley Group. Selling your home in The Lamar Towers?  What are the current market trends and high rise values in Houston, Texas?   LAmar Towers is a luxury High Rise located at 2929 Buffalo Speedway in Houston, Texas.Lamar Towers- Houston, Texas 2006 Market Summary As of 1/01/200710 Units sold in the Villa D'este in 2006.High Sales Price   265000High Price per Square Foot  168.86Low Sales Price  77000Low Dollar per Square Foot  83.33Half of all units sold for up 20% less than list price and were on the market for more than 200 days.What is your LAmar Towers Unit Worth?  Visit  
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